can't read weblink in fibro report

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    Hello all

    just joined, I've had fibro since 1993, although it only took 8 years for them to diagnosis me!!

    I have it very severely, also sciatica, asthma, hayfever, mixed allergies (food/alcohol/anti depressants and some other meds/cig smoke (have asthma attack!), RLS, IBS (as in both bowel and bladder versions!) slight prolapse to bladder and around 50 symptoms to do with fibro at some point in the day, although some are 24/7 to start with. Like I think most people Fm isn't the only condition you have and like many i got the 'shopping list' of conditions too.

    anyway reading the really interesting article in a mag the other day and found the same one here, 20th feb 06 by Dr Jacob Teitelbaum on hormonal issues. it gave several times a link to his website. but don't seem to be able to view this site, its forbidden?

    anyone any ideas why I can't view it? i know my zone alarm and anti virus are set high, which can prevent view of certain types of site, but these normally you get in, or get a page to join/subscribe to get the full site.

    oh and also anyone know when he will be publishing the other parts of it, had hoped to find all the articles, as have given a copy if this one to my GP as he is unsure of the links between fibro and thyroid exhist and was hoping to be able to provide him with the other two in the hope that with all the new findings etc, he might change his mind with actual medical reports done by proper docs, not anicdotal reports from other sufferers.

    since winter started my 'able time has droppped from about every other day being able to a little something to about 2 days the rest of my life is being wasted in a sort of 'flu like' fitful sleep, where even trying to sit up in bed or watch TV leave my head fussy, spinning and dizzy and even reduces my ability to think, whilst laying I cope the better of the 3 possibles

    (laying sitting and standing) standing, if I am not leaning, I have often slumped to the floor cause i can't think straight enough to know what i should be trying to do and at these times, only way to bathroom is via hands and knees, cause can't walk there, have tried and if legs don't give way, head fuzzies up so much I forget where I am going or doing. i'm sure some of you know where I'm coming from. so got to do something soon, cause by next winter the way things are going I will be down to one out of bed day a week. for a 30 somethings once very sporty active mind and body and very fit person I'm not enjoying the symptoms, or bordom cause i am still too ill to do stuff I like, or need to do and I get really bored of waiting for it to improve enough, so frustrating.

    thanks in advance for any replies on access to the site he mentions and when the next reports are likely due.

    thanks again


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