Can't Shake the Depression

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by susabar, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. susabar

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    Does anyone else feel totally depressed ? I am already taking 40mg of prozac, and Elavil 20 mg before bed. I discussed it with my rheumatologist the other day, he didn't have much to offer. I am really forcing myself to do just about everything, when I really would like to go to bed and never get up again. None of the usual spirit lifters has worked for me this time.

    Thanks for listening...
    Love Sue
  2. Fibromiester

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    I'm sorry you are not feeling well, it's a crippling situation sometimes. I have had mental problems for years, ranging from mild to severe, and I'm on 3 meds now. I see a psychyatrist for check ups and meds, and her partner, (a man) Phychologist for an hour of talking about what is bothering me. The main issue is trust. This is my 4th Dr. and I finally think I'm making headway! I take pain pills, too,for FM/MPS but pills never solved any problems. See if you can find someone you can trust to talk to- if not a shrink, how about a social worker or your preacher? Someone in a professional line who will listen. I hope your mood lifts very soon! [[[[[[[[[[[hugs]]]]]]]]]]]] Fibromiester
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    Been there, still doing that. It really seems like you take a couple of steps forward and then go backwards again. I looked in the phone book for counselors, then called and asked if they believed if FM/CFS was a real illness. I found a WONDERFUL counselor, who I've been seeing on a weekly basis since July. I highly recommend counseling to anyone with even a mild case of depression. I had never been depressed in my life, before this DD. And never had to seek counseling, never thought I ever would! But it's the best thing I've done. Believe me, find the right person to talk to, and you will find help. I went to a psychiatrist once. He only saw me for about 10-15 minutes and increased my meds way too high. No talking or counseling, just asked me some routine questions. I felt like I got nothing from seeing him. But that was just my experience. Find some help from someone you're comfortable with and you will feel much better. Good luck.

    Regina :)
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    I have been doing some researching lately and I think I am going to give it a whirl! They really vary in style and price but if I could have more energy and alertness it would be worth it. I know you had posted earlier that you were starting back to work soon. Is this adding pressure to you? It would be great if you had a therapist to talk to and help to sort everything out. I see mine twice a month and she has taught me so much about communication with family etc. I have also gained insight into how to respond to the kids better too :) I hope you find some relief!
    Take care,
  5. AnnetteP

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    I've suffered with depression since I was a child. I tried a couple of anti-depressants like Prozac, but nothing helped. I changed dr.s and she put me on fish oil (EPA/DHA) capsules. This has made all the difference for me. I recommend you try these, but if you are taking a blood-thinner, you will have to work with your dr. so he can monitor, and adjust your dose, since fish oild is a natural anti-coagulant. I use Metagenics brand (which I purchase from my dr.) and I have NEVER burped it up, unlike other brands I've tried.

    Here is a link to an article in the library that deals with fish oil and depression:

    Hope this helps,
  6. catgal

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    Hi Sue~~As a fellow FM/CFS sufferer with degenerative disc disease and several other ailments, I know first hand how demoralizing depression can be. I am also a therapist. I have also suffered from depression due to constant pain, frustration with the medical community, poor sleep, and lack of support and understanding.

    I would encourage you to find a good therapist who is knowledgeable about FM/CFS along with good therapeutic skills. Find one you feel comfortable with; who is supportive, compassionate, and competent. One that you trust and feel safe with, and one that you feel a good therapeutic relationship/repore with. Ask around if anyone knows of a good therapist--for word of mouth is the best recommendation. Doctors and other health professionals can make referrals, but getting a name from people who have actually gone to a particular therapist and had a good experience with them can get you headed in the right direction quickly.

    A good therapist can be a tremendous asset in helping you to work through the depression, identify specific stressors, formulate a treatment plan, provide encouragement and support, and be a significant component of your health care team. A holistic approach to treating the "whole" person.

    Depression is common in people with chronic illness, constant pain, and who have had their lives turned upside down by a disease that has affected every part of their Being and lifestyle. Grief and loss becomes a part of our every day lives as we are burdened by more & more limitations, loss of independence, and fading self-esteem. However, depression can be managed; can be cured. You do not have to suffer with depression needlessly. Please get help.

    I got help, and it made all the difference. And though different meds/vitamins/herbs and such work differently for each of us, I also started taking 10mgs of the vitamin Enada (NADH) first thing every morning on an empty stomach chased by a bottle of water. I bought and still buy the vitamin from this site. For the first 7 days, I noticed no difference--but on the 8th day--it was like a Miracle happened. My mental fog and sluggishness cleared up; I had this sense of feeling lighter; my depression lifted, and I felt such a positive frame of mind; anxiety and worry left me, and for the first time in years--I had ENERGY! And as I continued to take it, I received more and better benefits. I took 10mgs every morning for a year. After a year, it got to the point that I only needed to take it every other day. Now I take it twice a week, and get the same wonderful results. As long as I take it, I do not suffer from intense CFS nor serious bouts of depression. Again, we all respond differently to products, but it's worth a month's trial period. I would highly recommend it.

    Take care Sue, and please find a good not linger in depression for it can become a serious illness in itself if left untreated. Best Wishes, Carol....
  7. VickyB

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    I tried Elavil and it made me soooo sleepy, maybe that is what is compounding some of your fatigue. Have you tried Wellbutrin or Neurotin? Honestly, I would take Elavil at night and the next day, I could not function. Do you have alot of pain too? Just keep repeating to yourself that tomorrow will be better.
    Sincerely, Sleeper01
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    I have suffered from depression for years now. Had an awful bought with it just this last few months and my doc changed my medication and it made a big difference.

    Do you go to counceling? Drugs alone do not work without getting to the root of things. Mine waxes and wanes. I just found out yesterday that I need yet another knee surgery. I have had 4 surgeries in 3 years and it has wrecked havic with my fibro-so none too happy today. My first inclination is to call my counceler and set an appointment-have not seen her lately due to $$$ issues and no income right now-but I have to. I am slipping again and she usually can tune me right back up and remind me of the tools I have to get me out of my dark spots. I am blessed, my therapist has fibro too, so she really understands. Funny though she forgets things and i have to remind her--we laugh together at how we both suffer from CRS(can't remember sh**)--but she is good. Last time she sent me home with positive thinking tapes and instructed me to listen to them at least 30 minutes a day and that has helped a great deal, even if I fall asleep listening to them it stays with me.

    Talk to friends. I have a neighbor and a couple of other friends who suffer from depression and a daughter and my husband--we all share with each other and most times that helps. The only time it stinks is when we are all in a crisis and no one wants to listen, everyone wants to be heard-uggggggggg!!!That can be a mess LOL

    I hope you find some relief soon


    ps you can always email me if you want
  9. achy

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    Boy can I relate. I was in such a deep hole I thought I would never get out. I went to my doc and this is how the conversation went...see if this applies to you.

    I said it was like my zoloft just quit working one day.
    He asked me:
    Do you feel like you have to force yourself out of bed?
    R U having trouble getting motivated to do anything?
    Do you just feel Ho-Hum, don't care, oh well?

    I answered yes to every question. He said sometimes with SSRI antidepressants (prozac, zoloft, etc) you get plenty of seratonin but your dopanine levels drop, causing these "feelings"...he suggested adding wellbutrin to my arsenal of meds. Well, I am so sick ofpopping pills I asked to just stop the Zoloft and switch to Wellbutrin.
    NOw...this is where I knew he was on to something. I get my meds thru the mail, so it takes 2 weeks to get my new med...
    in the meantime, He immediately started weaning me off the Zoloft...cutting my doseage in half every 3 days.
    After 3 days I started to feel better!!! I haven't even gotten the wellbutrin yet...this has astonished me.
    Call your doc and ask him about this...I am still climbing out of the hole, but I sure do feel better.
    that type of depression is so depressing take a med to help you wiht one thing, and it does something else to ya...go figure.
    I hope this helps....also, try to get outside in the sun, go for a walk, even if just around your yard. This time of year we need at least 30 mins of sun...on your face.
    Warm fuzzies
  10. 2BPainfree

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    Omega3 (EPA/DHA-fish oil caps 4-6 times a day), is what a neuro/psychiatrist has recommended along with exercise for me (haven't gotten to the exercise yet...LOL) They recommended a book called the "Omega3 connection" it's worth it. I have heard from all my Docs and have read extensively how fish oil caps (omega3) can help releive depression and moods. There is also a book called change your brain change your life by Dr. Amen, that has been very helpful for me.

    my rheum is suppose to be the best in orange county (Ca) and she hasn't helped with this aspect at all (actually hasn't done much more than prescribe for RA)...have felt completely on my own. Sometimes I just think I'm gonna lose it, other times it's better.

    I did finally have a brain scan done (in desperation) that showed decreased perfusion to certain areas of my brain. There were a number of things it showed, depression being one of them. It's a chemical thing (, as well as external,)

    The first things I mentioned are what they recommended the most for depression. I also take wellbutrin and Depakote. (Also use Providgil for energy)

    Good luck (got to get my kids to school)

    Susan B