Can't Sleep and Can't "Think". Any Help Appreciated!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nancyw, Aug 3, 2003.

  1. nancyw

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    Hi Guys! I am so exhausted mentally I can't believe it. I've tried Ambien, Noritriptalene (sp?), Melatonin, Flexeril, and just started Restoril last week (15 mgs). It's been more than 2 weeks now that I've been able to sleep for more than 2-3 straight. My mind is "tired", but my body is "wired". I'm trying to do an on-line medical transcription course so I can work from home (unemployed for almost 2 years), but I'm having a terrible time "processing thoughts". Had called my doc last week to request Klonopin, but she wanted to try the Restoril first. Told me to "give it the good ole college try" and call her next week. What does she think I'll do - actually get some sleep and tell her I didn't or what??? I feel so loopy and just not really in control. Anybody else feel like this. I've been very diligent about having a warm bath with lavender, soothing music, deep breathing, and candles at night and force myself to just "float" in hopes of relaxing my body. My mind just doesn't shut down and I can feel my muscles starting to really tense up again. I found a new "warm" pool last week that I've been going to daily and doing the gentle flexing class, but I just CAN'T SLEEP. I just keep waking up. I'm waiting to hear about my disability, but am quickly running out of money and of course, I don't have insurance any more. I'm supposed to finish my med transcrip course by December, but I'm having a terrible time lately because its so hard to process thoughts. Just need encouragement, I guess, or maybe just needed to vent. Thanks for listening.
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    Let's say I know what you mean. It stinks. A
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    No matter what you take for sleep, if your brain is always toward the seizure side of the scale instead of at normal, you will not be able to slip into the slight state of coma required for restful sleep.

    Tell her you want to give Klonopin the old college try :) Lack of restful sleep is dangerous to the brain and body.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks, guys. It just helps to hear from people. Mikie: I've been researching the Klonopin per your posts and that is why I was suggesting it to my doc to begin with. I will keep trying, but from your information, it sounds like it might be helpful to me. I seem to be "immune" to so many different drugs. My doc made a comment the other day that she always thinks of me when "she can't find anything to help people". She doesn't really like the "fibro" story/diagnosis (2 others diagnosed me), but I think she's trying. I just don't have enough money to keep going to different docs. Thanks again.
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    your struggle sounds very much like I was going through previous to seeing a holistic doc who had me go on a strict diet and a detox program. Within two days my brain began to clear and there has been no turning back in reclaiming my brain (now 4 weeks into it). I had been so foggy and dizzy and couldn't read due to eye jitteriness.

    I'm still struggling with the sleep struggles but now find tha tif I take ambien it reallyw orks as it is supposed to.before this detox, it seemed I reacted adversely to all meds.

    Good luck..I know how excruciating it can be!
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    I'm sure threre are many here who can sympathize - I know I do. During the day my mind is a fog and I find it easier to sleep, but at night my body is tired and my mind is wired and I have a hard time sleeping.

    I'm on 100 mg of amitryptilene (sp) and that seems to help some. Finding this place and knowing there's someone I can "talk" to at 3 in the morning has been a huge help. I'm finding that just getting some of your worries out before bed or reading other's similar problems makes it easier to sleep - kinda quiets all those worrisome voices in your head.

    I'm in the same positin you are - haven't been able to work in over a year (lost my job over this) but I'm a single parent so I need to. Had an interview last week for which I had to take an online test (reading, math, patterns, spacial relations,etc.) ad I couldn't even finish it in time! Quite frustrated when I used to have an IQ of 158. (I'm hoping it's still there but just "fogged in" :)

    Have you tried a journal and writing before bed? Maybe that will quiet your mind enough to sleep. If not, come on here and I'm sure some of us will be around to talk to!

    good luck,