Can't sleep and now have tiny bites on my right ankle

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Aug 28, 2011.

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    I struggle to sleep every night, I don't make it to my bed as when my body tires to the point of sleep it does it instantly and I am sitting in a recliner chair. my hubby wakes me up at 7 am every morning and I go to bed. but never get that sound alseep feeling htat I need. Now to add to my discomfort I have about 20 tiny bites on my ankle and leg. They itch to the point of driving me nuts. I have no clue as to what it is that bit me but as it is only on one ankle and not any where else on my body i don't think it is bed bugs. We just moved into a older house about a month ago and now these bite suddenly happned last night. I have put some hydocortisone cream on the tiny bites adn it does help a bit but not much.

    I am so tired of this not sleeping and not being to sl eep in my own bed, I Just wnat to go to sleep and sbe able to sleep in my bred but i can't. Now suddenly the weather has changed and it is raing hard, I can hear it on the roof and windows, IT makes the air smell better but it is not relaxing me at all.

    The past few months have been so diffecit on me and my family. I hold medical power of attereny for my 84 yrs old mother and she has been in the hospital twice since the end of March. each time she wepnt a weeek in the hospital, then she went to a local rehab u nit for two and one half months. Less than a month l ater after beign home she fell and had some serous bleeding in her hip muscles from being on bllood thinners. The last trip to he hosiptal she was gibven 2 units of bllllood and it haelped her Thanksfully that last rehab visit was only 2 weeks.
    Saturady MOM called at 8 am an abbd wabted to go to the doctor but I didn't hear her call or any of the otheres made by my sister and daughter. I took MOM to the insta care unit and after an x-ray seh was foudn to be fine and we went home.

    But there is so much tension in her house and in her life now. MY brother has done soem down right cruel things to mom and setn against her wishes to deep clean her home while she was visiting with her nephew who has pancritic cancer and lives in CAnada he came to say good bye as sh is not going to make it to canad again adn it is doubtul that he will stay well enough to come anad visit ehr again.
    My brotrher called a meeting about this cleanign session adn no mattrer what my Mom said about things hseh has wanted done he blew her off and blamed my daughter for talking her in to every thing. I think MOM is so upset hat iiit is effecting her heatlh and she is worried that he wilil take over when she passes away cleaing her house out as fast as he can. I will explian it to you when it is moring and I am more away.
    Thanks for letting me vent about this... I can't deal with him any more.
    Thanks so much to you all.
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    It seems like I am always getting bit by some kind of bug too. Try a little paste of baking soda and water and put on your bites. I think it helps to take the itch away.
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    What do the bites look like? Is it possible that they could be hives? I know when I'm stressed, I break out in hives at night and they're so itchy that they keep me up and cause me more stress, causing more hives! Talk about a vicious cycle....anyway mine are only a couple millimeters, skin-colored, and maddeningly itchy!
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    Hi Rosemarie, so sorry you are going through this I can really relate. Do you think maybe it could be fleas? We had a little doggie last year to replace our dear Buddy dog. Well after Buddy had to be put down , because of cancer, fleas started appearing all over our carpet. I had flea bites through my socks that were driving me nuts. and my husband also. I even had the carpet steamed cleaned and told them about the fleas, so they sprayed the carpet first with half water and half white vinegar, then steamed the carpet. It cost me 250.00 a lot of money for a bad job and it still had spots on it. Well I went and got inside bug spray the kind that doesn*t smell, and sprayed the whole house. over and over andover again. and went back and got more spray and even sprayed our deck outside cause it was carpeted. Then I started the shampooing and did that over and over again. It took me probably 2 months at me working to get rid of those devils. so hope this helps you some.

    Now for not sleeping, don*t you have something like Lorazapam to sleep? I have been on it and flexiral for muscle pain for yrs. My thiing of not sleeping start way back when I was a teenager in highschool. The first 6 weeks in my Freshman yr I hardly slept at all at night and then it was very hard to consentrate in school and stay ono the honor roll. so that is why I know I had fibro even then, no energy and lots of pain. I would talk to my dr about it if you think you need to.

    So sorry about your brother driving you crazy. I went through a lot like you with my Mom and her 8 hip surgeries and constant pain. I was the one to do everthing for her which I have my own family and our 3 daughters and my husband, it took a lot of time away from them to help my Mom and Dad. It is not so bad if my Mom was nice at the time, but her later yrs she was not nice and mean to my Dad.

    My brother never came around but maybe 3 times a yr to have lunch with her, which she loved to cook, and my Sweet Dad he would always help her and she yelled at him all the time. I am just telling you this that this kind of stuff can really break us down mentally that we can*t handle it anymore, so first of all you need your rest and sleep.

    Now you take care and if you need to vent I am the gal you can talk to and I really mean this,

  5. rosemarie

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    On my right leg I have a patch of tiny bites. they are very small but clustered together and itch like crazy, They go up my leg in a randsom patteren , I have been ususing 1% hydrocortizone cream on the bites. A few have had tiny white head s on them . I keep putting the cream on them when they start to iitch badly. It looks like the largelset patch is getting smaller and itchs less.
    I don't know what kind of bug could have bit me. We just movedin to the basement house about 3 weeks ago and my hubby sprayed for spiders and bugs before we moved in. I don't think they are bed bugs as we have a tempredic mattmress pad on the bed and I have staeamed in before I made the bed. It is strange to me that my right leg is coverd in bits and my left leg really does not have hardly any one. it.

    I don't know if this is mites or what . But I am sick of it . i can't stand all the iiitching.
    Thanks for listening to me rant.
  6. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    These bites are getting better still itch . With shingles there is alot of pain, and the rash follows along a nerve line. I have no pain at all and never did. This rash /bites starts at teh bottom of my calf and is in a random pattern.
    The house we just moved in to is a basement house and there are lots of bugs of all types that crawl around here. The bites could be mite bites I have had symialar bite in the past. I keep ususing the hydrocortisone cream as it seems to ease the itching and helps the rash/bites to dry up.
    Thanks for all the suggestions. I really thank you for your concern.

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