Can't sleep at night, get fatiqued duuring the day, and the pain is bad

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    Ii have been threw so much in the past few years that my body is all messed up. I dont' know how to change and figure out what is going on in my body, I know i need blood test done. I am so sick of the fatique that I could cry. I never knew how bad stress's affect you life, and it is so hard to get your life back after losing your home, having no income or well a really small on on SSDI.

    I dont' mean to complain about all this, I am just so worried about how my life got me all mixed up. I am taking my drivers license written test on Wed. Thankfullly it is an open book. But I am terrified a the thought of forgetting some thing I need. I am not looking forward to taking the driving portion of the test, i know how many bad habits I have and need to change. I did not reliese that by answering one simple question it would put my driveing ablitily at risk. I know I am disabiled adn felt I had to say that. I am more scared to tell the intervier about my med s and all that I have taken. What if she does not believe in me and waht I have to say.? I am so sacred that I will not be understood or listened too. I want to be given a chance to explain how I drive, when I drive, when I take my meds and when I don't.

    MY doctor said that becauses of how long I have been taking my meds Mscointin, MSIR< soma, visteril , xanax , that my body has become used to the effects of it and the side effects don't act the same way, It is like not taking them as they dont' do what they should do. He said that they don't work and do not cause the fatique , dizziness, lightheaded , or any of the side effects I would have if I just started taking them , they dont' work the same after 10 yrs as they did before. I don't feel any HIGH or feeling so much better, I feel like
    like they would have made me feel years ago. , I don't take any meds during the day time, and I watch when I am gin to drive. I don't take a soma when I am going to drive, I don't take any pain meds when i know I will be driveing, I just take ibphren until I can be at home and stay there.

    I am sick of not having a good support system for my fibro, NO one understand it and how it can make you feel, I get told how every one else feeels with fibro , what it makes them feel or do, but i am not them and I don't feel the same way. I want a normal life a better life and I dont' want to live in horrialbe pain all the time but aI also don'tw ant to be on pain meds for ever.
    I just want to be me. to feel better and want to do things with family , and friends. again.....Thanks for listening to me gripe. I want to feel better and live better. and most of all I want my family to read, understand what fibro is and how it can make me feel, then to ask me how I feel and understand
    What fibro does not me.
    I am not every one else IA am a unique person who it different than every one else. I don't feel like every one lese does and I have my own problems, fatique, and meds.l I jsut want me, to know who that is,

    Thanks for your time.
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    Sorry I have no advice just wanted you to know you are not alone.
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    is similar to glenda2's - I have CFS not Fibro but send you my sympathy and support. Being long term ill is not much fun...
  4. Nanie46

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    Pain, fatigue, rib pain, insomnia + other symptoms = a very good possibility of having a combo of untreated, undiagnosed tick borne infections like Borrelia burgdorferi, babesia, bartonella, etc.

    PLEASE consider getting a western blot IgG and IgM from Igenex lab in CA. Test #188 and #189.

    You could have been infected many years ago and over time the symptoms get worse and new symptoms appear.

    Many people who are infected never even saw a tick and never had a bulls eye rash, me included.

    This same thing happened to me and many others on this board.

    The biggest mistake I made was not considering this possibility many years ago.
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    Yes, this illness takes all the fun out of life and yes many of us are left behind. when i lost who was ME, i didn't know what to do. I sat around had breakdowns and was angry. The kind of angry i put my hand through a window-that's what insomnia can do. We don't necassarily get a good quality sleep even though we have slept. Try explaining that to people. Having to explain why we can't do things -when we look like we can.
    We have to somehow reinvent our lives. I went back to church and adopted by people as my family are no longer in my life. My mother would drive 90mins often to go and stay with my sister and never drive 5 mins to visit me. she said you are either on the couch or in bed. yrs of being misunderstood because they didn't want to hear, they critised my inabilies and i don't have family which means i had to give up my neices. I am doing a correspondence course which i can do over 5yrs. (Writing and Editing) i was studying and working in welfare in my old life. we all have our own stories and experiences and i know here in Australia we have cheaper meds-bulk billing with the Dr. It's sites likes this is where i turn now.
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    journalling, meditation, relaxation will all have good affects on the central nervous system of the brain in fibro, its been proven in research as the best practices as it acts specifically on our autonomic nervous system (our fight and flight) response which is switched on 24/7. Its helps slow the brain waves down. i also take low dose vailum at night ( this can actually help change the brain waves in sleep for fibro,but be careful they are addictive) low dose amitriptyline is also helpful because serotonin is also helpful in mood, sleep and migraine headaches. just 10/20mg. If having a bad flare i take co codamol and sometimes baclofen if and when. but do give these practices a go. exercise also important
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    I know how you feel...very depressed perhaps? I am, so I thought maybe you were.

    We know what you're going through.

    I have fibro and bipolar. Last night, I pleaded for help with my Mom and twin. Both dismisses my feelings of dispair, fatigue, never ending painful way of life.

    when I first got sick with fibro, ALL OF MY COUSINS, AUNTS, BROTHER, CHURCH MEMBERS could not handle the scarry word "fibromyalgia". They never did come around. Once I get this depression under control, I'll write them letters telling them how much they hurt me.. Maybe it would help you?

  8. Nanie46

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    Sorry you also are so sick.

    Many people with fibro, fatigue, depression, bipolar disorder, etc, later found out that the underlying CAUSE of their illness was the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi and/or Bartonella.

    These 2 chronic infections are often found together.

    Finding the cause of your symptoms is the key to getting better.

    99% of Dr's do not recognize these chronic infections.

    Many people on this board were like you, and through research and persistence, many of us found that chronic infections like Borrelia burgdorferi and Bartonella caused our illness.

    Many people are given diagnoses and then are just "sick forever" because Dr's are not interested in looking further to find the actual cause.

    Something caused you to become so sick with all these symptoms....don't let Dr's tell you that the cause is unknown and just medicate you for the rest of your life....that is a cop out.

    I urge you to keep an open mind and read this booklet....look carefully at the symptom list....

    and read this article including the case study "A Sample Case" near the end....[This Message was Edited on 03/24/2011]

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