Can't sleep head feels weird

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    Ok Hi everyone I am new to this forum. I have been having some problems lately. First off I am 31 years old, Little over weight but I am working on that now. Here are my problems.
    At night when I lay down to go to bed, I close my eyes and all of a sudden hy head starts to feel weird almost like I have pressure/tingling/goosebumps its weird. SO anyways one this starts I can't get to sleep cause every time I close my eyes this happens. I do take s generic nasal med I belive it is Flonase but I do not take it on a reular basis I take it when I need it. SO on nights when this happens I either sit up awake on the computer or just watch TV until I am so exausted I cant hold my eyes open or lately I have been taking a benadryl to knock myself out. I have had MRI blood work and the doc never seem to find any thing.....any advise or stories would be great I am open to anything that may help me.