Can't sleep tonight because of pain in hips back and thighs

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. rosemarie

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    OUt of not where that huge mack truck apeared and ran over my back. Over and over it ran over me. Or that it how it felt to me. I could not sleep so I was dozing in the chair , for a while I did sleep but woke up every time I had to change postions.

    Why was this happening to me to night? YOur guess is as good as mine. The lack of sleep was causeed from being so exhusted of Sunday, I kept fighting to stay awake but kept losing the battle.
    How strange it is to have had such a good day on July 24th, my daughter and her family showed up as a surprise for poppa and I , Daughter and SIL wnet up town to get some food for the little ones to eat. , strange I would n't think that sourkrought and pepperchini's were kids friendly foods. My poor daughter has a bossy husband who felt that she had to eat what ws fixed,, to show the kids htat she would at least taste it. Well she is pregnant and pepperchinie's don't sit well in her tummy. And the sourkrought did n ot make it any better. Only gave her heart burn and that icky feeling. SIL thinks that if he nags at her to eat some thing he likes she will eventually like it. But he does not know his wife well even after 6 yrs of marriage. She hated sourkrought as a child, so doI and her dada is not found of it either. I don't eat spicey foods any more after gall bladder surgery, greasy foods adn spiccy only make me sick. And this grandma was not going to eat some thing I can't stand only to please mySIL. The grandkids would not eat it any way no matter how much he coached them that it tasted good. Never tell a 3 yr old that sourkrought tastes good because it does not smell great.
    It was an easy day we play ed on my bed with a flannel board game, then when poppa came in teh kids started to walk in his shoes that is so funny to see a 5 yr old grandson walking in his poppa's boots.
    We watched the fire works with the little grandson who is almost 3 and the newest grandbaby who is 6 wks old, Had a good time.
    For some reason to day I had a not so great day, I ached all over and was so sleepy all day long.
    Now it is 5;30 am and I am wide awake , I have things to do later on this morning like takeing my Auntie to get her hair set and combed. Why does my daughter schedule appointments at 10 am when she knows that I don't sleep at night so getting up is hard to do. I wish I could call htem and say that my car does not work but I don't want to lie to them , I just want to be able to catccch up on some sleep.

    Right now the apin is bad and i have taken al the pain meds i can with out over dosing pm ,u ,eds. But i hate it when I can't sleep and i usually try to sleep after 6: 30 am when hubby gets up and showers , and gets ready for work. I will sleep from 6:30 till noon if people would let me. But they won't. my daughter will call at 8-9 am and chat until i have to get up and dressed to take my Auntie to get her hair done.
    I am sorry to be complaining all the time , I have good daays and bad days but lately the baddd seem to be happenign more often. Why is it that while I sit here and type i dosd off but lay and down and i am wide awake. I just want to sleep now !!! What is wrong wiht me, is it the fibo? All I want to do iis to fall aleep asap
    I have to lay down now
    Wish me luck
  2. 3gs

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    Hi Rosemarie

    If you get the license plate number of that truck,let me know! It passed over me too!

    I too was able to have a great day with my grankids and have been paying for it since. The lovely 24-48-72 hr whammy. glad you enjoyed the fireworks(I live in ut too)

    I never schedule anything early,understand that totally. lately Ive been doing the opposite,sleeping then waking up really early. having to go early cuz I crash by afternoon.

    Today is my followup on injured foot and dont think Im going to make it. sure hope you make your appt.
    Sorry for how you are feeling. plz rest when you get home,I can tell from your post you are tired in pain and a crsh.

  3. u&iraok

    u&iraok New Member

    That's the sad thing--good days become bad days. You're having a great time and feel great and life is great but then you have to pay the piper for the next few days because what is normal for others is overdoing it for you.

    Rest and recover. :)
  4. Tizz

    Tizz New Member

    I hope you all eventually got to sleep...

    I guess it's pretty much the same with all of us, especially when we "overdo" -- as the day wears on we become more and more fatigued, but the pain gets a lot worse, too! And that makes it impossible to get to sleep sometimes, even though we desperately need sleep...

    I've been having nights like that more and more, lately.

    What I want to know is, how do you explain that to someone without fibro, and get them to understand??!


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