Cant sleep...

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    Good Morning,
    I should be in bed,but I cant sleep anyway.I had a really long day and I know I over did it.I was busy all day running around with my son getting him ready for the homecoming dance and then tonight I went to the grand march to take pictures of him and his girl friend.My back hurts so bad from sitting and then all the walking today.
    I just hate it that the things I enjoy more then anything have to take such effort.My 16 year old is like mom you act like you are 80,I am well if you had this pain,you would understand how it feels.I get kinda of upset that they dont understand how much it hurts.
    I have been getting a lot of headaches lately.I dont know if thats a normal sign of FM. My fingers hurt really bad lately to and I am so cold all the time,I can never get warm.
    Well I am going to try and lay down again and see if I can get some sleep.I have to work tommorow so its going to be a rough day after the long day I had today.
    Thanks for listening to me and for all the understanding I get from this site,its been a lifesaver for me to go where people understand. Thanks Jodi

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