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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by chewie, Mar 9, 2003.

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    Here it is 4 am and I cant sleep, in too much pain.I took my sleep meds at 11 pm went to BED at 12 Hubby usely finds me on the couch and puts me to bed when he gets up at 2 am. I took 2 800 mg of motrin at 2:30 hoping that would help. As you can see it did't. I have a physical therapy appt. today for massages. BUT I'm gonna make a appt. with Dr. because this is for the PITTS and i know I will feel like S---again today.This is the #rd nite of this not sleeping .BTW I take restoril 30mg. Well I'm yawning now so I'm gonna try again. Asked hubby if we could swap matteress for the air bed to see if that might help. Slept on one for 1 1/2 months when we moved in Oct. So gonna try that to nite.MY Darling Hubby is so thoughful and amasing .I am sleeping on 2 feather matteress when I finally get to bed. I know that I'll be down now again and I HATE IT WHEN THIS HAPPENS NOT only do I suffer but my LOVING family does TOO. And this just adds more fuel to the fire. SORRY this is so long I just had to vent .
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    I had that problem last week..I may have slept all of 18 hours the entire week! This weekend has been better..I have been taking skelaxin 3x's a day and xanax at night to help me sleep which works a lot better than those anto deprests they put everyone on! They knock me out for 48 hours..LOL I hear a lot of good things about neurotin...Maybe you should ask your PCP. Keep us posted.

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    I take nuetrion also 3 x aday BUT no help with the SLEEPING probleb Wondering if I might have C/F or Esptin Barr or sleep annema. Questions for my DR. tomorrow.
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    I take a handful of medicine every day and I used to be able to sleep two to three hours at a stretch but not any more, My doctor has placed me on Neurontin starting at three 600 mg tabs a day. One in the AM, then a follow with one at Noon, then one at night. He his planning to build up my tolerance for this pain medication slowly, so in a couple weeks plans for me to take two 600 MG tabs three times a day. I don’t think I’ll make it, since I started taking this Neurontin I can’t sleep at night, I mean no sleep. I feel like I’m covered in ants and they have been fed steroids or something. As much as I hate to I’ve got to either ask for a sleeping pill that will knock me on my ass or I need to get of this dang stuff. I hurt so bad at night that I just want to crawl out in the highway. Something has got to give. What are some good sleep aids that don’t leave you feeling like you have been spaced out or with a super hang over.