Can't stand the achiness

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shrtcak81, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. shrtcak81

    shrtcak81 New Member

    I'm so sick of being achy. It's this overall feeling of being ill with the flu. Sometimes the pain is so bad, it makes me nauseous. Also when I'm achy and I'm in the car, I sometimes feel motion sickness. I get dizzy and off balance. Does anybody else get these symptoms when they're achy?

    And what helps you take away the aches? Thanks!

  2. shrtcak81

    shrtcak81 New Member

  3. TerryS

    TerryS Member

    Hi Crystal:

    Yes, yes, yes! I feel like I have the flu...every single day. My entire body aches...sometimes the pain is excruciating. I also get very dizzy and off balance. I've started using a cane now if I have to walk very far just to make sure I don't lose my balance.

    They started me on Lyrica about six weeks ago, and it has really helped the pain A LOT. I still have aches and pains, but not the really bad ones. The down side is that the Lyrica makes me feel like I'm somewhat drunk and so I can't drive...but at least I'm not feeling hopeless over the pain anymore!

    Hang in there!

  4. shrtcak81

    shrtcak81 New Member

    That's true, the aches are worse than any flu I've had also. I just feel so gross. Does anything help you? I just started taking Ultram ER for the pain, but it hasn't made a difference so far. I'm thinking of increasing the dose.

  5. shrtcak81

    shrtcak81 New Member

    I started taking 100 mg of Ultram ER for the pain last week, but it hasn't helped. I'm thinking of increasing the dose. Does Vicodin work well for the pain? I'm afraid of becoming addicted to pain pills, so I try to avoid them. But it becomes unbearable a lot of times and I really need something to help with the pain.

  6. blkkat

    blkkat New Member

    im sorry you feel this way.i also feel like i have the flu 24/7 i also get vertigo alot,i take one sudafed the cheap kind ,or motion sickness meds helps but i only take half a pill so im not so sleepy. advil or that group of meds also help w/aches, but i cant take methadone/morphine which works great for alot of us, i take 5mgs oxycodone 6 x day & 10 mgs oxycontin 2 x day plus other drugs. you just have to find a dr who is willing to help you. but you have to prove to them over time, like bringing in all your meds at your apt to show them your not taking more than what you should be. GOD BLESS- BLKKAT
  7. angelkisses6

    angelkisses6 New Member

    I have 3 words,AMEN! ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Calleigh

    Calleigh New Member

    All the time, constantly, I ache sooo much! Yesterday I was supposed to go to the store for something I really needed, and all I could do was curl up in a miserable lump on the sofa. Then, it took me forever to stand up because I was hurting more than before and was stiff, too!

    I haven't found anything yet that really works... I do take an extra strength aspirin when I feel all hope is lost, and it does work, but a lot of people can't deal the ASA.
  9. Jack3

    Jack3 New Member

    Sure sounds familiar. Ultram doesn't work well at all on our pain .... at least for me. I have to take twice the dose to get any relief. Then I itch so bad I literally make myself black and blue from scratching.

    Percocet was great until I became allergic to it. I am allergic to all narcotic pain meds, cannot take NSAIDS because of stomach issues (not even as a shot). Doc doesn't want me taking a bunch of tylenol.

    So........I get to enjoy the discomfort cold turkey.

    Life sucks.

    What does help is hot soaks. Ambien (until the doc took it away). A sleep study found obstructive sleep apnea and while I was still on the Ambien I was doing pretty good, more of a day to day thing instead of month to month.

    For what it is worth.
  10. Crystal

    Crystal New Member

    I'm in a flare right now...and the dizzyness comes and goes...I hate it. Just waiting for the day to feel good again. Good luck all...I'm off to more day after today then I can rest!!!
  11. moab341

    moab341 New Member

    That's what got me to go to my MD after I'd already been to the gastrointerologist and had every test known to man, and then Allergist. My body was wacking out and every part of it was messed up majorly.

    Then the flu symptoms hit me and wouldn't go away!

    After about 3 weeks I went to my MD and he looked at my chart....did the pressure point check (ouch!)and told me I had FM.

    You could have knocked me over with a feather.
    Part of me was glad I didn't have a terminal illness, but I had no clue what FM was.

    I've been educating myself ever since....It's a long road.
  12. Kellyslaw

    Kellyslaw New Member

    Hi Crystal: We are neighbors, well sort of. I live in Reno. I too have FM. Not as many comorbid illnesses as you though. I am so sorry. If you want, we could talk at 9:00 p.m. tonight. We are in the same time zone. Let me know. I feel like I have the flu, all the time. That is the main thing I say when my family asks me what FM feels like. I also get dizzy and feel nausous (sp?). You have all my sympathy. It is awful.

  13. sascha

    sascha Member

    but one of my major symptoms was aching all over all the time. after starting to use coconut oil for cooking and in blender drinks (for a while i was taking 2-3 TBsp/day)the achiness went away and has not returned. i still use coc.oil, but only for cooking. but be sure to take omega 3's with it if you try it (cod liver oil/fresh ground flax seeds). good luck, Sascha
  14. ask2266

    ask2266 Member

    If you have CFIDS achiness, go on T3 thyroid hormone. I tested in nornal range for thyroid, but my dcotor still gave me additional T3 hormone to help. I no longer have any achiness or stiffness AT ALL, and before it was debilitating.
  15. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

    you just answered my question that I called the dr. for yesterday. I started taking more tramadol (generic ultram) after I came down off of my prednisone and I have been itching like crazy and even got a rash on my face. Thank you for that input as the dr. hasn't called back. Also about the thyroid dilemma. I take synthroid everyday to keep my multi-nodular thyroid from growing. It sure doesn't help my pain at all but took care of me being overweight by thirty lbs. and took care of me being so cold all of the time and now I have eyebrows that extend out to where they should.
    I wish they would find something that helps us all.
  16. padre

    padre New Member

    Had to respond. When I first came down wih FM I went from doctor to doctor. They asked me my main symptoms. I mentioned pain and emphasized that I felt car sick all the time.

    The first few asked, what does motion sickness feel like? Well, I said "whoozy" or like when you were a kid and rolled down a hill. They looked at me like I was nuts.

    One day I was refered to neurologist and asked the same question and when I said "motion sick" he went off like a rocket. "That's awful," she said. "We have to stop that. I hate it when I feel that way."

    Alas, I knew I had found a kindred spirit. She helped me by working on my sinus issues, but never got rid of the car sickness completely. But just feeling what I felt helped a whole lot.

    That is why this site helps me. Other people feeling and knowing what I feel.
  17. ask2266

    ask2266 Member

    I think that synthyroid only gives you T4, not T3. I have a problem converting T4 to T3, so I am on a pure T3 from a compounding pharmacy. I also heard that Armour thyroid is better because it gives you T4 and T3. Low T3 causes weight gain and itchiness and achiness.
  18. m5shelly

    m5shelly New Member

    I currently take a bunch of pain meds, and they usually help the achyness a lot, but I can't get up from sitting for over 1/2 hour, or sleeping. Waking up in the morning, I have to roll out of bed onto my knees on the floor, and then stand up due to the stiffness and pain from stiffness.

    I do have a feeling of slight motion sickness, but I always thought that was due to the pain meds.
  19. LT

    LT New Member

    Hi! I've been reading the board off and on for several years, but I've never posted. Guess I'm a wall flower!! Anyway, I have been dealing with motion sickness and dizziness since before I was diagnosed. It's always worse when I'm in a flare, but I have some fuzzyheadedness daily. I've had trouble with my ears all my life and was told I have dysfuntional eustachian tubes. Sometimes it helps me to do gentle back pressure by holding my nose and blowing gently to make my ears pop. Other times, all that helps is meclizine, which is in some of the non-drowsy dramamine formulas.

    I hope you'll find something that works for you, because I know it's a miserable feeling!
  20. shrtcak81

    shrtcak81 New Member

    I've never had motion sickness before this illness started. It only happens when I'm in a flare and I'm aching really bad while driving. I guess it's the aches that make it happen. They make me feel dizzy and nauseous. It sucks:(


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