Can't stand the "noise" anymore!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by emttoni, Mar 4, 2003.

  1. emttoni

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    Has anyone else noticed that they cant stand certain noises that they used to be able to tolerate?
    Im talking about my rock and roll music!! lol. I guess it could be funny but Im not laughing about it.
    Ive had to change to a "lite rock" station cause for the last few months the music I used to listen to really grates on my nerves. DH is tickled to death that Ive changed stations becuase of the daughters but holy cow - I used to be a regular "head banger" here and now the music I loved makes me crazy. Waaahhhh! Anyway, just wondered if anyone else has had to make this change.
    Oh yeah - other little noises bother me too - like repetitive noises - gum popping, daughter whistling, tapping fingernails, etc.
    Could this be from the fms or cfs?
    Gentle hugs ~ Toni
  2. baybe

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    noises bother me now, I used to work in a Disco in the 70's and have worked at night clubs and restaraunts for years. But now I can't stand it. One thing I have found that helps is if I play the music from behind me I can stand it. Like in the car, I put the music coming from the rear speakers and none in the front. Definitely can't stand any noise that is right in my face.
  3. jbg

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    I have switched to nature sounds w/music. It is so much easier on my senses. Sometimes, my head seems to have way too much going on in it. I have to even use soothing music to relax enough to sleep. The family has finally figured out if I get out my headphones, it is time to quite down. I have excruciating(sp) headaches and it helps.

    Have a wonderful day!!
  4. sb439

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    Our frontal lobes for some reason don't function the way they should. Our temporal lobes (or one of them) takes over some of the functions of the frontal lobes, as a result can't do their own function (e.g. regulation of noise intake), hence we suffer from so-called sensory overload. There is one theory that if you have too much of the sensory overload, braincells die (Cheney), so it may be wise to avoid unnecessary noise wherever possible. The medication most likely to help with this is Klonopin. It does not cure you from sensory overload, just temporarily lessens it. But it is a prescription drug which has the reputation of being addictive. (As a matter of fact, many people seem never to get addicted to it, but some seem to.)
  5. AnnetClo

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    but I don't listen to R&R. I have always listened to country or oldies but I can't even stand that anymore. I always listened to the car, at work, at home. Now I don't listen to anything. And I can't have someone talking to me while I'm doing anything else or I'm ready to climb the walls. This is very irritating, isn't it??

  6. Katlover

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    I thought I was alone! Feels good to know I'm not (although I hate that someone else is going through the same thing too!). Putting dishes away...just the sound of bowls or plates clapping together absolutely KILLS me! I know what you mean about rock music - I'm a child of the 70s & 80s - good, LOUD music! It's terrible when you have to turn Kiss down so low that you can barely hear it! My parents always said that the music drove them crazy.....guess they put some kind of curse on me! My husband sometimes rubs his foot against the coffee table to scratch the arch of his foot. I'm tellin' you - it's enough to put me over the edge!!! The dogs licking, cats scratching in the litter pans, water drips......AARRGGGHHH!!! At least we can try to keep our sense of humor about it though, can't we!
  7. Kathryn

    Kathryn New Member

    is what does me in. I can hear the beeping of a handheld game from 3 rooms away, yet can't hear hubby talking when he's in the same room. I drive him nuttier than he already is. I am ready to kill if I get stuck in a room with flourescent lights. In the car, I have the bass turned on all the way and the treble turned off, with only the rear speakers on. I was told that this screws up (highly technical medical terminology) our nervous system, and that is why we "weird out" (another highly technical medical term) at noises that normally would not bother us.
  8. klutzo

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    I've always thought this is one of the hardest symptoms to explain to "normals". They always look at me like I'm from another planet.
    I can still stand loud music, and use it to distract myself from the pain when I exercise, mop floors, etc.
    But,I can't stand it when my husband pats our Golden Retriever! It's OK when he pats our Corgi, but there is something about the sound that the Retriever's big body makes when it's patted that drives me up a wall....just like someone scratching fingernails on a blackboard!
    I had a couple folks in my support group who could not watch TV anymore or be in the room with family members while they watched, because the sound bothered them so much. I also had several folks who could never open the car window, because the little bit of air on their faces felt like they were being pelted with needles. This support group was for FMS patients, so it is not just CFSers who have the problem.
    Like Susanne said so well, it is overstimulation because we cannot block out the extraneous stimuli that's coming in. I agree with Cheney that we should seek out peace and quiet as much as possible to protect ourselves. I have seen studies showing that loud noise exposure raises blood pressure significantly. While that may be good for those of us with NMH, I have high blood pressure, and have actually had my nose start bleeding from it while sitting in a noisy restaurant.
  9. pamela

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    Just call me batty around noise! I'm so glad about knowing i'm not alone. When I hear music turned up and the treble really up... I go bananas. Also can't be around florescent lights. Right now i'm at work and the girls have the stereo on and its 60's music and i just want to run far away. Let's name some of the willies:

    loud music of course
    loud talking all at once (women gathering) major murder
    those loud boom stereos in cars at the stop light
    kids screaming (squeeling) anywhere
    kids talking and running anywhere
    phone ringing
    ice cubes in your cup at the automatic dispensor
    bright lights
    clapping (any form of it)
    loud t.v.'s
    trebble in any form
    whistles blowing
    loud squeechers (husband has one)
    anything fast around me

    This names only a few. This all started when I got sick with FMS. I use to blow and go on the music and the more rock the better. Now its the music from the 20's to the 50's I can only stand. You know the soft love songs. Oh well...parentals were right on track when they would scream "TURN IT DOWN!!!!". Pammy

  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Our library contains this article. Do a search on Dr. Paul Cheney and it will list his articles. I believe it's the seventh one down, but that may change over time. It's clearly titled with the word, Klonopin.

    This is one of the best articles on sensory overload, sleeplessness, RLS, and anxiety I have ever read. It explains that our brains are constantly in a slight state of seizure. Klonopin is an antiseizure, antispasmodic drug. It has truly been a miracle for me, but like everything else, it works differently for everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  11. basket21

    basket21 New Member

    can't handle loud, mostly TV program with a bunch of people talking at the same time, loud stereo from rec room, in a car with loud radio or CD,etc. I start to shake then my heart starts to pound and then I get in a really bad mood and want to tear the plug out of the wall that is responsible for my mood.
    I hate this part of the FM..........basket21
  12. KarenL47520

    KarenL47520 New Member

    glad to see others like me. (not sure if that is a compliment or not) :) :)

    John listens to HARD rock and I love country and oldies. When we go someplace, used to when I was still driving, if we were in my car, I chose the music, if in his car, him driving he chose. But I swear, it is getting to the point I can't take that head banging stuff. There is one song in particular and it seems like I hear it everytime we are in his car going someplace; some stupid song called Get Down With The Sickness. Now someone tell me, what the heck is that?? I hear that and it is worse than nails on a chalk board for me, it makes my teeth itch!! I want to rip out his radio and toss it out the window. If someone wants to get down to being sick, come on over and I will do my best to give you mine.
  13. pamela

    pamela New Member

    That is so funny!!!! I know what you mean on ripping out the radio. I want to do that to my husbands radio too. Aren't they a hoot? Just driving down the road playing these stupid songs. Makes you really want to shove the radio where it don't shine..... LOL!!! Pamela
  14. KarenL47520

    KarenL47520 New Member

    won't be kind enough to add any KY Jelly or Vasolien before shoving it. lol lol
  15. jgckeyes

    jgckeyes New Member

    I have tried to explain it to my husband--he just looks it me like I'm a party pooper. When he sneezes it just cuts right through my head with excruciating pain. All of the things everyone mentioned bothers me. It actually hurts-- I can't explain the pain. When I experience that I want to run as far from the noise as I can--my safe place-home! The bright lights also, if I don't have a headache I sure will after the exposure. I am glad to hear this too--sorry for you guys--but I honestly thought it was all me, or that I was just getting old!!!Thanks...
  16. fibolady

    fibolady New Member

    klonopin has dramatically improved my quality of life. i sufferred endlessly for years to the point i couldn't even go to a restaurant, the lights, noises would just upset me and make my symptoms worse.

    as for the dogs barking, whehhhh, we had to move because of dogs barking all night keeping me up. what's up with people who let their dogs bark all day and night, they should be locked up, the owners not the dogs!

    warm regards, fibolady
  17. BethM

    BethM New Member

    the frequent fire alarms at work recently have contributed to my flare and fog. I am the school nurse in a high school, and the past week or so, our little darlings have been pulling the fire alarms several times a day. Last Friday it happened 5 times! Security is working on finding the perpetrators and figuring out how to remove the temptation while staying within fire code, but the alarm problem is continuing.

    Since it's a new school, the alarms are a loud, blatting, blaring horn sound, accompanied by white strobe lights flashing, including one just over my desk. The strobe continues long after the horn stops, and instantly makes me dizzy and nauseated. When the alarm starts, I can feel my nervous system cringe. Gosh, if I could prove the association between my current flare and the alarms, I could make them not use a sick day for today, since I stayed home today to rest and try to heal from this flare. Hard to prove, though.

    I've become a very boring person, can't be near loud noises or high energy places for very long, as if I am, the 'every cell in my body hurts' starts, and I know I'm in trouble. When we go to the movies, I have my fingers stuffed in my ears a lot. I know it looks odd, but it's self defense. Oh, isn't having fibro just a fascinating experience???

    Peace, (and quiet)
  18. 2girls

    2girls New Member

    Yes I feel like The Grinch! Can't stand the noise anymore. I am (or was) a huge music fan (coolest Mom around, although debateable). I cannot tolerate "noise" like I used to. I cringe when my daughers argue - the noise level builds and builds until I must walk away, even though they are really good kids. I try to make a joke of it when the intolerance is intolerable and they laugh and usually understand.

  19. 2BPainfree

    2BPainfree New Member

    the "Beeeeeep" from the microwave??

    Mine is SO annoying I have to stop it BEFORE it goes off or hold my ears if I don't make it in time, LOL!! Feels like my eardrums are going to explode!

    My husband AND kids listen to all the head banger stuff too...I can't take it AT ALL! I hear ya Karen,with the "Down with the sickness" song.....makes me want to pull my hair out!

    It's like irritation to the point of pain. I had a ENT doc tell me this was all happening because of the vicodin I take...and I better stop or I will lose my hearing! After listening to everyone else with the same problem, I feel better!

  20. Annette2

    Annette2 New Member

    I'm the same way with certain noises! It drives me crazy! It started with my neighbor's dog. He is a Shelty and they'd let him out and he'd bark in a high-pitch yelpy way. It drove me NUTS! I thought I was just crazy. Then in restaurants someone's voice would make me nuts. Finally I realized it was from the FMS, but it took years before I figured that out. Luckily, my husband works for a company that manufactures ear plugs. I have a steady supply! Well, at work I was sitting next to the office of one of the attorney's. He is hard-of-hearing and plays his messages over the speaker-phone and I could hear it through the wall. He also dialed his phone using speaker phone and it made that horrible loud noise. Finally, this week, I moved to another work station and it's quiet and I'm by myself. There are other things that make me crazy too. If my husband throws his pillow down on the bed, I can't stand it. Cracking knuckles too - horrible! Will it just get worse and worse? It's certainly not getting better. Allan (my husband) is an Audiologist and he said I have a form of "hyperacusis" which is sensitivity to noise. He doesn't do clinical work anymore, so I asked him to find me someone who can help me with this. There must be some form of therapy to help us. When I was first diagnosed, I thought it was just "muscle pain". WRONG! What a mish-mash of stuff we have!