Can't stay asleep at night due to pain

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  1. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    No matter what I take to help me sleep..pain meds or muscle relaxers I ALWAYS wake up in pain.Constantly changing positions,I wake up hurting and moaning from pain,having a hard time just moving my body cause it is stiff and hurts so much.I never sleep all night without being woken up from pain.Yesterday I was very depressed.I took more than I should have as far as pain meds.,muslce relaxers and klonopin.I went to sleep around 3:00pm and slept til 7:30 this morning.Even with all that medicine in my body I still woke up several times during the night in pain.I am concerned about that.Not only the fact that I took too much medicine but even that won't keeo me from hurting throughout the night.I was so depressed yesterday due to money problems that are all my fault.I can barely stand to be awake and think about this,I would rather sleep.This past year has been so awful.I had a cancer scare,both my daughters medical conditions got worse(thank God they are better now),our home went into foreclosure.All my life I have felt like a burden.Now that I am a finacial burden on my family it just is almost more than I can bare.I am afraid that I may start to become dependent on sleeping aids.I just want to stop my mind from worrying and thinking.I guess I will be going to see my psych. again this week.I hope she will bill me later cause we can't afford another bill.Right now we can't get my anti-depressant or my klonopin.

    Sorry to complain so much.Many of us are in the same boat.I know there is nothing anyone can do except send me some comforting words.But believe me that is the best thing in the world you could do for me right now.

    I know it sounds as if I am s------l.I honestly don't know where I am in my mind right now.I can't leave my youngest daughter,she depends on me completely.But how do I get my mind to stop thinking all these bad things.Pain and severe depression is a bad combination.I wish I had a way out,there is much better things waiting for me.

    Once again I am sorry for this post.I know it will brig some of you down.SOme may relate completely to what I am saying.
    Maybe tomorrow will be better.I sure hope so.Right now I am just waiting for my sleeping meds. to kick in so I can sleep.Another painful night of wrestling in my bed.

    I'll talk to you tom. and let you know how I am. If I don't get better soon I am afraid that my dr. will have to increase meds. again or even worse put me somewhere that I don't ever want to go back to.I hate this,I really do.

  2. MamaR

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    I am so sad for you.....because I stay in almost constant pain during the I can relate.

    I wake partially all through the night.

    The klonopin, flextra, melatonin combo helps me go to sleep...but after about 3 hours the pain returns... and it is restless sleep.

    It seems I have been in a really bad flare last two weeks.

    Do you think that the depression is mainly brought on from the pain? I know that is what happens to me. are worried and concerned about so many things...that makes the pain worse.

    I wish that I could help more. I will say a prayer for you and the family....even the kitty!

    Try to hang in there sweetie.


  3. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    I unfortunately have bipolar.I seem to stay on the dark side of bipolar.But most of the time lately I stay in what is called a mixed state.Depressed and manic at the same time.Not a very safe place to be.My emotions are every where.Not only is the bipolar feedng the depression but the pain and worries about money.Just so much,you know.It is getting to be too much latley.I am hoping for some releif soon.I hope the best for us both.
    Thank you for the prayers,
  4. cjr2003

    cjr2003 New Member

    Hi :>) I have a question? What kind of bed do you sleep

    in? I don't know if this is true for others w/ fibro. but I

    know for me, sleeping in a waterbed has greatly improved my

    sleeping as far as waking up and hurting as much. I keep

    the bed pretty full and have had one for years now. Any

    time we go to visit family and I have to sleep on a regular

    bed - I can tell such a huge difference in how I feel. I

    really believe that having the correct matress for you to

    sleep on can make the biggest difference. I think we all

    restle with feeling like a "burden". I know for me, this

    is the first time in all my working years that I have been

    unable to work for an extended period of time, and the

    longer it goes on , the more my self esteem takes a beating

    and the more almost "guilty" I feel sometimes. I really

    have to fight these feelings off with a big stick!!! So

    many elderly people, even after they have retired, still do

    some kind of work, whether volunteer or s-thing else, and I

    truly understand since I have had fibro. Being productive

    and feeling like you count and make a difference is such a

    big thing! My biggest thing that hurts my feelings since I

    have been on medical leave is when people/family members

    say, " When are u going back to work?" , " Are u ever going

    to go back to work?", like I am not aware that there are

    bills to pay and like I am not aware that my husband is

    supporting us both right now. People can be insensitive s-

    times and that doesn't help us feel any better! But

    sometimes, no one has to say anything to me, I just feel

    really bad inside because I feel like because I cannot

    contribute right now to the finances, that I am

    just "worthless". Like I said, I have to fight these

    feelings off with a big stick s-times!!! I can def. relate

    to your feelings, hun. And the more we hurt, the less we

    feel like "ourselves", and the more I want to run away from

    all the stress that I feel. And there just isn't any place

    to go!! Because no matter where I go, the pain is there w/

    me. When I was single, and didn't have a boyfriend, I

    slept my life away I think. I know I was depressed

    because I was so lonely, and the pain made me even more

    depressed, but sometimes, even when you are married, you

    can feel this way. A chronic illness can cause a

    relationship w/ a husband to change s-times - it is

    something I work on in my mind daily, with the help of the

    Lord. I take Ambien and Melatonin right now and it is

    doing good for me w/ sleep. Anyhow, hope you know you

    aren't alone out there. Your feelings are so understood,

    they really are. It can be very disappointing in life to

    have this disease and that can easily cause depression.

    Having someone you can talk all those feelings out to is

    really important I think. Getting it all out, and knowing

    that it is ok to feel what you feel. I will be praying for
    you! Lots of love, Carla
  5. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    We use to have a king size waterbed.I really don't know why we chaged to a spring mattress.We bought a foam pad to put over it but it makes me hurt worse,husband loves it though.Even my daughter that has FM/CFS says it is so soft.To me it feels like my body is crushing in on itself.I am getting ready to go to bed now.I just hope I find a place that is comfortanle enought that I will fall asleep quickly.Unfortunately I know that I will wake up in pain several times.Oh well, thats how it goes.Make the best of it,right.
  6. MamaR

    MamaR New Member

    I know that you are probably in bed....but I want you to know that I understand bipolar.

    My mom was bipolar... and it can be very bad....but Carla really had some great advice for all of us.

    I know that the pain will make EVERYTHING else worse.

    It can cause our depression to be so much worse.

    (If you could just get more meds for pain... so that you could sleep).

    Our inability to work and contribute is another factor. It is just a big circle!

    I will be remembering you in my prayers sweetie.

    I know what depression is like. I have been dx with clinical depression....but have wondered so many times if it could be more.

    I have fought it most of my life.

    Just try to talk....and are not alone in this!

    And we are here for you!!

    Love.... Mari (MamaR)
  7. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    Sheila Dear......(I WAS AT THE END WHEN I went back to re-reading your posting. You never mentioned Bi-Polar. But I am not going to change it, maybe someone else needs to read it also. So no matter what the depression is, the answer is still the same. I came back to the top of my posting to warn you, so you will not get upset).

    Please talk to your Drs. Their is better help for you, you just have to try and work with them on the right combo of meds for you. Both with the Fibro and the Bi-polar. Bi-polars have special talents and gifts and you show it in just being yourself and in the things you do.

    IF you get that bad,,your worse thoughts......please find a way to alert your hubby to take you to the E.R. It would not be fair to them or your children. Your daughter that has it also, the Cfids, would lose her desire to fight it also? Never do that not only for yourself....but your loved ones.

    They are finding new answers all the time! Latest is that we might have an answer a yr. from now. We are tough and we can cope with this and will overcome it in time.

    Pedelite is helping me right now. That is the darnest thing!
    But I stop hurting as bad and have a little more energy when I am drinking it. I get the store brand, cheaper!

    I am taking my meds, I experiment with my bed....I started with a water bed.Which is now a California King size..then I bought a full size bed, and I took over a bedroom, so my up and down does not affect my husband. Plus this bedroom is downstairs, and I had fallen down the steps a few times. DH said that he was scared for me to go up and down the steps and asked me to sleep downstairs. I had a feather bed for a while, but it hardly did anything....then I got the Cuddle Ewe.....that is helping..

    I am thinking of adding a foam and a heating pad over that! LOL. We really are the Princess in the old story of the Princess and the pea!I keep the room my tempature and have it fixed for just my comfort. I do not have much in it, so not to watch TV or computer.....I have that in other rooms.
    I do not get distracted this way. But it works for me. Also I got a full size as I could not make up a bigger bed, I was tempted to go twin size! DH changes and makes his own!

    Have you tried BLUE GOO? It has EMU-Oil and Aloe Vera in it...takes just a little to rub it lasts a good while. Smell is not so bad either, as some of the other stuff. Magnesium seems to be helping me also.

    Did you ever read Patty Duke's book on her Bi-Polar? Library might have it. So many has this and it is hard to get uner control also, but it can be done! I have friends that has it and they went through a lot before they found the right combo of meds to take. Always make sure that BOTH Drs. know what you are being prescribed!

    Well Princess I have been like you and I still have few days that I can hardly move and moan and groan a lot. But I know my family is better with me than without me. I think you are like me, joking a lot! That does help, doesn't it? did not choose to have this. Who in the world would? Be thankful for your DH and children. Give your DH a hug and let him know you appreciate him.

    Study this board. There is answers within it. I really think so anyhow! Never know what new thing will be posted!

    See if you can get some help on your medical. Others might have advise on that! Talk to your Drs. on it and his nurses, etc. They might know. If you have your meds, you can get to be more normal and enjoy more. I wish I was there to give you a hug and hold you a little while. I will send prayers your way.....and so will others.
  8. itzmeannie

    itzmeannie New Member

    Being in that much pain combined with lack of sleep tends to make one depressed. After taking Kaiser's 8 week pain management class, my Dr. began to take my pain seriously. She prescribed a timed release morphine. I take it 3 times a day (every 8 hours). Not only has 90% of my pain disappeared, I have more energy and my depression has lifted.

    Prior to the morphine, I truly thought my life was over. The change has been miraculous. I hope your doctor will consider something like this for you. Good luck and keep us posted.
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  9. Lori_P

    Lori_P New Member

    Dear Sheila,
    Hope you got some sleep this night. As you can see, I'm still awake. There are some good responses for you. I'm new here, but MY experience is this: My pain medication keeps me going (up)and doesn't let me sleep. It works in reverse, like a speed instead of a downer. This is the case for other ppl I know also. Example: Ritalin is perscribed to slow down an Add/ADHD person, but would be a speed to ppl without it. Taking more is never an answer for getting sleep. Also, taking 4 instead of 2 pills (of whatever) will not help with the pain either, as the med has a threshold then a peak in the brain and it has it's limits. Taking more will not nessiccerilly relieve more pain...And it can [easily] lead to tolerance and addiction.
    Please be honest with your dr. Copy and print the letter you posted here, to show him/her exactly where your pain, feelings, and emotions are at. They can't really help if the don't really know. It's a fine example to show the doc when they ask..."So, how you been feeling?" Sometimes, we can't really descibe it or get the words out. You have it all written down right here. Show the doc.
    My daughter tells me I'm not very good at cheering ppl up, so I try not to give my opinion. But you are so depressed I feel your pain. If you are a spiritual person, try the Serenity prayer, I helps me daily.
    Lord, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    Courage to change the things I can,
    And the Wisdom to know the difference.

    Hope and Peace, Lori

    EDIT: TO ITZMEANNIE, what is the Kaiser 8 wk pain management plan.. interested. Please advise.
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  10. itzmeannie

    itzmeannie New Member

    The 8 week pain management classes Kaiser offers are once a week for two hours. My co-pay is $10.00 so I would pay that each week. Between 20-25 people attend. Four of us had FMS.

    Each week would cover a different topic:
    Week 1-Chronic pain and combination therapy (massage, ice, gentle stretching, tens, medications...)
    Week 2-Turning down the intensity of the pain message
    Week 3-Being an effective partner in your care (Resources available within and outside of Kaiser)
    Week 4- Identifying and eliminating "triggers"
    Week 5-Restoring/increasing the body's ability to block pain messages
    Week 6-Use of medications
    Week 7-Healthy living strategies
    Week 8 Developing an individual treatment plan (this is a one-on-one, 15 minute session with a Kaiser nurse, social worker or pharmacist)

    This class is taught by Kaiser nurses. There would be weekly guest speakers who were physical therapists, social workers and pharmacists.

    I found the class very helpful. For example, the physical therapist talked about the Tens Unit. The gal next to me had one and told me how well they worked. I talked to my reg doctor about it and had one within a couple weeks. My final cost for it was about $40.00.

    Kaiser's FMS class wasn't as helpful as this class was. I would recommend it.

  11. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    even if I have a 'good day', I am in agony every single night, and I mean agony, it's like my body is punishing me for having the audacity to move around during the day.

    I now take my pain meds like this - I'm in UK and we have different meds, this one is morphine based. I take 1/2 before I go to sleep and 1/2 every time I need to through the night. Sometimes that is every 2 hours. Usually 2 or 3 see me through. They dont take the pain away completely but they allow me to get some sleep.

    I'm sorry you're experiencing so many problems in your life, the added stress doesnt help.

    Try and see if cutting your pain meds in 1/2 and taking them when you need them, will help you. If I were to take one whole tablet at night, it would keep me wide awake so the 1/2 is best for me.

    I hope you can find a solution Sheila.


  12. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    Thanks for the great advice.I have added a foam mattress to my bed and no does feel like the princess and the pea fairy tale but this is real.I think my mattress has a boulder under it instead.

    Everyday is always a mystery.never know what part of me is gonna go crazy...mentally or physically something will happen that is a sure thing.

    My pain med. is ultram and flexeril.I take flexeril at night.The ultram I have had since Oct. and it really does nothing.

    I take it though hoping this one time it will work.Wishes do come true sometimes especially if you click your heels,right Dorothy.

    I am sorry for getting so down and talking crazy.You all catch the worst of me...i don't talk like this to my family.

    You knwo though those nights that I did take too much meds. I slept good,too good.Shame on me for doing that.I have always turned to hurting myself when I am depressed.It's a bipolar thing mostly.

    Last night I just watched the clock.Waking up hurting,checking the clock to see if I slept any and so on and so on.That is pretty much every night.

    I promise from here on out if I get that down again I will be honest with husband and let him know not to leave me alone.

    I am at my worst when I am alone.I use to hide away in my room as a child in the dark and just sit there and hurt myself.A weird way of coping isn't it.

    Have any of you tried Lunesta to sleep.I think I just need a better sleeping med.

    I tend to build up a high tolerance to meds. after taking them awhile.

    I am nearly at the highest dose for my prozac right now.

    It takes a big dose of klonopin to calm me down. I can have a bottle of klonopin for 3 months cause I try not to keep it in my system so when I really need it it will work.

    I wish I could trade in my body for a new one.I was given a lemon for sure.Trying to make that lemonaid though.May add a bit of vodka.Just kidding...not really.LOL!

    Well as I sign off from this post right now I am feeling pretty good in my mind and pain is creeping up on me.Never know what my next post may be.Bipolars are confusing people especially to those around them.

    Atleast when I am up I have fun and can joke around pain or no pain.

    HUGS to all my life savers!!!!

  13. MamaR

    MamaR New Member

    It was so good to see that you are feeling upbeat!!

    I'm happy for you. We are here for each other....remember that dearie.

    As I read this last message I saw alot of me as a child. the wanting to turn on yourself. I guess I blamed myself.

    I was brought up to keep it to yourself....and that almost destroyed me.

    This is such a good place to many people in the same boat!!

    They don't judge us....'cause they understand!

    We should always ask for advice/help if we need it.

    Big Hug........Mari

    P.S. I just realized that you had posted a message on WakeMeUp's post right ahead of mine. We had similar childhoods!

    We are overcomers girl!![This Message was Edited on 02/05/2006]
  14. laura81655

    laura81655 New Member

    Have you tried taking a mood stabilizer for your Bi-polar?
    I understand that money is tight for you now. The Neurontin and elavil I take controls all of the constant bad thoughts and worry. I know how difficult that can be. The Benzo's such as Klonopin are easy to build up a tolerance to, thus needing more to get the same effect.

    I sure wish you better and more pain-free days.

  15. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Have you ever tried adding 600 mg ibuprofen to your Ultracet/Ultram? Just take it 2 hrs after you take the Ultracet.

    If you are on a medical card or have some type of insurance that will pay for it, it would really be nice for you to have a sleep study performed. It might indicate what your sleeping problem is.

    Medicaid will also pay for you a heating pad which would help your pain.

    Hope you find some way of getting pain relief.

  16. marw

    marw New Member

    I would love to take these Kaiser's pain management classes, but I have never heard of them. Where does one get them? I am in Chicago.

  17. marw

    marw New Member


    I have the same sleep problem and pain, except that I am not Bi-Polar. I sympathize and how!!! I swear if I could sleep I don't think I would even have Fibro.

    My experience with Ultram/Ultraset was a disaster because it made me so hyper. Vicodin is working better, because it adds a little expra calmness besides taking down the pain. With it I take Ativan (a half mm in the daytime, but a whole one at night.) When this still doesn't let me sleep I added Valium. Now I am getting concerned because I STILL do not sleep with all these drugs. I tried Klonapin, but it made me feel really weird without making me sleep.

    I know you need the drugs you are already taking for the Bipolar (mine are for the Anxiety Disorder), so my suggestion is to ask your doctor if you can mix Benadryl with your other drugs. I know this sounds like too simple a thing to work, but I recently tried it and I slept like a stone for 8 hours!! I stopped doing it, because I got afraid I might be sleeping too deep (don't want to toddle off for good, by accident, you know) but I am planning to ask my doc tomorrow.

    YOu sound like a wonderful person, and I'm glad you are here. I learned a lot from reading your posts.

    Hope you find answers very soon.

    Best wishes to you,
  18. itzmeannie

    itzmeannie New Member

    I live in Oregon and my medical insurance is with Kaiser Permanente. I don't know if you have to be a member in order to take advantage of their classes, I'd sure check it out. This is their number listed on the back of my card: 1-800-813-2000.

    Janet's suggestion of a sleep study was wise. Mine indicated I have Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea. I stop breathing 84 times an hour (I had no idea). I never reach that stage 4 sleep where your body repairs itself. Getting used to the CPAP is a struggle but I could be off meds for good someday. Can't tell ya how much I'll miss that morphine induced constipation!
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