Can't stop looking up symptoms on internet

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Keoule83, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Keoule83

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    Has anyone with Fibromyalgia ever felt worried that they had something else before they were diagnosed? For the past week I have done nothing bu tlook up my symptoms and all of these other conditions come up. Guess you could call me a hypochondriac. I am going to the doctor tomorrow so it will hopefully calm my nerves. I have muscle pain, tingling in body, muscle twitching, anxiety attacks, IBS, you name it.
  2. HurtsToMove

    HurtsToMove New Member

    you're not being a hypochondriac. Since FM isn't really a diagnosis, it's a syndrome, I feel that you should explore all avenues so that a cause may hopefully be uncovered. I myself am slowly visiting every specialist in the book to get the full workup.

    Whenever I go to my rheumatologist I bring the names of two new diseases I've uncovered to ask if I could possibly have them. Thus far the answers have been "NO", but maybe one day the answer will be "YES"!

    Doctors don't know everything. This disease is a true mystery, so you should work with your MD to rule all possibilities out.

    I did find myself obsessing a little too much, though, and was put on an SSRI. It really helped to calm my nerves and lift my depression. Now I feel great mentally...if only my body would feel as good!

  3. lenasvn

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    Before I got my diagnosis I went to docs who couldn't or wouldn't diagnose me with FM/CFS. I KNEW I was sick, and I knew what I had. Besides reading about symptoms separately, I also read about other similar presentation DD's like Lyme, MS, RA and so on. It is normal when someone disbelieves you, or don't treat you properly.

    Now, I don't feel the need to read as much as before since I found a doc who believes in me, diagnosed me and treats me. I am no longer another an "it's all in your head" patient- at least not to him.

    It never hurts to read, just use common sense! By the way, a hypochondriac is convinced that they have a fatal, life ending disease, and they believe it strongly. I know this is not the case with you!
  4. musikmaker

    musikmaker New Member

    I am guilty of this. We have so many symptoms that can cross over with other aliments that at first blush, it appears we might have it. This is why you need to go to your Doc. The Doc can test for a lot of things. When all the testing is exhausted then they tell you its Fibro.

    Just recently I asked my Doctor how I would know if I got something else other than Fibro with all the strange symptoms. She said if my symptoms start changing a lot I should come in and we should do a basic health screen yearly.

    Good luck tomorrow.
  5. lnj4life

    lnj4life New Member


    When i read this i said this is so me!! I surf the internet day after day thinking i have somthing other than fibro cause I think im in denial, I mean the list of things ive diagnosed myself with is crazy. MY cousin literally laughs at me now when i tell her the new disease I have for the week. Its so uncontrollable.

    The bad part is that i do this at work, and I know its not right, but I just cant help myself.

    A rheumatologist diagnosed me with this a year ago, but I never went back to see him cause althoug I thought that I had this from doing online searches, I still was like Im too young for this and it must be something life threatening.

    So over a year later, Im still not sure of his diagnosis was right though I have all the symptoms, but Im not in pain all the time so I fugure I dont have it. Things I read suggest its very very painful but I thnk its getting worse. I never feel like I get enough sleeo, I feel like a truck ran over me in the morning, my neck hurts, headaches come and go and concentration is hard sometimes, and the urgency to urinate is becoming uncontrollable.

    So basically, I eanna say I totally empathsize withyou caus e I totally do the same thing, Im trying hard to get some answers. Im going to get a second opinion.

  6. AllWXRider

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    Also look up toxic metals and see if your symptoms match those too.

    Doctors and nurses struggle with this in med school too. My aunt is a nurse. Reading about all the medical stuff gets the mind thinking that it has these conditions. Its called Psychosomatic. Everyone has it.

    If you present articles to the doctor, make sure that they are ones written by an M.D. or you'll be laughed at. emedicine or WebMD are good ones.
  7. monicaz49

    monicaz49 New Member

    We have to be our own advocates.

    Ive looked up everything and still do every single day.
    I have everything from anxiety to fatigue to dizzyness/balance to alcohol intolerance and heat issues.

    Ive had every single test.

    Diagnosed with CFS/Fibro
    Have slightly elevated candida (yeast)
    Tested negative on an Elisa for Lyme but Positive at Igenex

    im getting treated as of last week by way of antibiotics since Lyme,CFS & Fibro have nearly identical symptoms i figure i should try something.

    However, read my posting from today on the CFS research study happening soon. Its interesting and hopeful.

    DONT feel are not a hypochondriac. You are learning and not relying on the 15 min appt you probably got from a specialist to give you this diagnosis and then send you on your way to live this way for the rest of your life.

    I would think something is more wrong with you if you DIDNT care to research and learn and not RELY on any diagnosis like this one.

  8. Clay2

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    After my chronic pelvic pain set in, the urologist insisted I had an enlarged prostate that needed surgery. I did enough research to find Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome for men, and to find a forum much like this one to discuss it. CPPS has nothing to do with prostate disease, and surgery would have been a disastrous 'solution'. My problem is all about muscle trigger points and myofascial pain.

    It can't be cured by drugs or surgery, so doctors seem to have never heard of it.

    I double and triple check every 'solution' a doctor suggests to me. Then I get a second opinion.

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