Can't take leg pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fungran, May 24, 2003.

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    hello all, I am in soooo much pain with my left hip and both knee's and up to my hipps. I have been like this sence Sunday. My husband and I walk everyday but I haven't been able to as I said sence Sunday. I tried to walk alittle yesterday and it was ok for awhile and after I got home that was it now i am back hurting today.

    This is the first time I have hurt this long sence I have had this DD. I take HOT bath's and my husband rubs me down with Icy Hot and I am better for the night until I get up and am up for awhile.

    Does anyone suffer from this? Also my memory is real foggy and I have no engery. I cry alot, well I guess you can say I am just plain falling apart.

    I have no insurance so anyone have ideas for over the counter help. I am going next week to try and get medicaid but not sure if i can cause husband is on Medical Retirement and they go by his income, but I am going to try.
    Also they have a health clinic and I am going to go there next week.

    Well, I am sorry it is so long but just needed to vent. I just love this site everyone is so helpful.
    Thank you all for listening.
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    So very sorry to hear about all your pain. My FMS started with leg pain . . . shin splints and tendonitis. Daytime . . . nighttime . . . all the time. I was lucky enough to have insurance so I did have PT. However, the main thing I did for myself was leg stretches at home. There are some good resourses on the internet. Also, I now wear orthodics in both my tenny shoes. And when the pain was at it's worse I wore support knee highs, then socks, then my tenny shoes . . . all day. Build up slowly on the walking. While I'm not totally free of leg pain, all this has made a tremendous difference in my level of pain . . . now, if I could only wear orthodics and support hose on my arms, back, neck, etc., lol.) Hope this helps. Take care.............Nikki

    P.S. the support knee highs felt too tight at 1st, but you get used to them really quickly.
  3. Princessraye

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    If I sleep with on my side with one leg on top of the other in the exact same position, I wake up with such hip pain it is unbelievable.
    If you sleep this way, you may want to try another position or put a pillow between your knees as that sometimes helps.
    Good luck
  4. Nikki

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    Princessraye's right. If you sleep on your side, always put a pillow between your legs. This will help keep your spine straight.
  5. Susiem

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    I have the same symptoms. It started 2 months ago when I had a upper resp. virus. Now when I cough my lower back spasms into my buttocks and down my legs. When I sleep on my side and get up the pain is awful. I can hardly walk. It takes a while and a heating pad to ease up. My doctor gave me a muscle relaxer which has helped a little by allowing me to get some sleep. I have had FMS for years but this is new and miserable.
  6. Cara-Sue

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    i get pain in my knee's and that's what first sent me to the dr and they figured out about fibro, dr prescribed leg splints.they are fairly tight fitting and were expensive but they helped alot.i dont need to wear them now BUT i am careful about walking up hill,biking,fast walking and running can trigger it back,so be careful.!
    i use a full length body pillow when i sleep at night,havent had a problem with my hips since then.they arent very expensive either.
    hope this helped!
    take care and the pain will go away,it just doesnt feel like it will
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    Hi, the pillow between the knees works great if you are a side sleeper. I prefer my back because my arms started to go to sleep when I was on my side. I can't lay on my back without a rather plump pillow under my knees. This keeps your lower back flat against the mattress instead of arched up. Now what about that pain? Is it in the muscles? If so, I suggest Malic Acid. You can find it at any health food store. It has really helped me. If it is in the joints, then I suggest Ibuprofen. I am new at this, but that is all that I can think of for over the counter. I hope you get better. KCD
  8. Buggs

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    Hi, I was interested in hearing about your hip pain, wasn't sure mine pain was related to FMS or just being overweight. I have found that no matter what causes it, water exercises have helped me alot. I do some stretches like football stars, well, one anyway. Cross your legs and while supported by the wall or side of pool, lean into the the sore hip. It really does stretch it. Then I side step with as big a step as I can back and forth across the pool. There were nights that I would have to just get up and sit in my lounge chair cause it hurt too much to lay in bed. With those two exercises I can most often stay in bed. It isn't a cure but can help. I'm new to this forum, it seems like a winner. Hope this helps. Buggs
  9. jka

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    i have problems with knee.hip and lower back pain alot.soaking in a warm bath with epson salr(3 cups)really helps me.i do it just befor bed because it makes me so helps detox your body.i also use emu oil.i find the one that has menthol in it really works.even on my hip pain.emu is a natural pain releiver and anti-inflamatory.i started using it 12-13 yrs ago for arthritis pain in my knees fron lupus.
    hope this helps
    kathy c