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    Hi everyone,

    I just took a shower and am shakey and I threw
    my back into spasms and my head hurts. Isn't
    that wonderful? We live in a house that is over 100
    years old and the shower stall is very small. I put
    a card table chair in there because I can't stand up.
    The chair takes up all the room. It's very difficult
    to do but I had to do it because I need to see drs.
    I wish regular people would realize just how damn
    hard it is to do the things that they take for granted.
    I sometimes can wash my hair in the sink but
    since I fell I knew I would injure my back or neck more.

    My mother went to her GP this a.m. and she is being
    weaned off of the Paxil. My mother did ask about
    the drugs I told her to ask about and she said the
    dr. said she has to be off the Paxil first. I know that.
    My poor mother is just so agitated and anxious she
    won't even discuss anything with me. I have no idea
    when her next appt is because she gets upset when
    I question her. She did tell me that she told her GP
    that she doesn't want to go back to her soon because
    she wants a break. I wish we could find a really
    good phych for both of us. I have heard bad things
    about a lot of them.

    I banged my toe into the hot tub and now it looks
    infected. It is red and it hurts. I was worse but is
    not hurting anymore. Doesn't look too good though.
    So, I called my neighbors and I, of course, burst
    into tears and hyperventilated into the telephone.
    They said they would take me wherever I need to go.
    So I called up my GP and they said they have nothing
    now but will if I call at 8.30 tomorrow. Don;t ask me
    why. Sounds crazy to me. I told them I don't care
    if I get my dr. or someone. I am hoping it is someone
    else. I hate my GP. She has no compassion and treats
    me like a piece of furniture. I may tell her off tomorrow
    if she irritates me!

    The girl who answered the phone said what is the
    problem? I said, "what isn't the problem?" LOL
    I told her I fell and that I also needed to see her so
    she could give me a IBS med until I get into my
    GI at the end of August.

    My gyn is no longer practicing and I have 6 months
    or more past my mammogram date. I would
    like to ask about that. My mother has breast
    cancer so I should do it even though mammograms
    can be pretty useless and miss many lumps. I also
    have a few hemmorhagic ovarian cysts that need
    to be monitored.

    I wouldn't mind a hair cut but my neighbors have
    already agreed to three appts in the next week and
    I don't know if I should push it. I am sure they
    don't mind.

    Thanks for letting me vent.
    My eyes are burning from crying.
    I would like to go into a coma for awhile.

    I want to ask the GP about putting me on something
    better than Zoloft. I hate it and don't think it is doing
    much. I may ask about Lexapro or buspar.
    I would love something for sleep, too.
    I won't count on miracles, that is' for sure.

  2. Jen F

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    You mention your shower stall is rather small. do you have a bath tub?

    What do you take for pain, if you don't mind me asking? Remind me, if you've already told me.

    sorry you are having such a rough time, sounds awful.

    do you have any antibiotic cream you could put on your toe? or something like ozonol which might be soothing and promote healing?

  3. Applyn59

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    We have a bath tub but we can't use it.
    It needed to have a leak fixed and the leak is gone
    but we need a roto rooter guy. I could never get
    into or out of a bathtub with my back. I am sure
    it would kill me (maybe I should do that). It would
    also hurt me I am sure.

    We have a shower thingy in the bathtub and we were
    planning to get that ready to be used. It's narrow
    too and I doubt I could find a shower chair for that,
    either. Anyway, right now we cannot do or talk
    about anything. The bathtub is a sore spot.
    Can you believe that the day my mother had her
    cancer surgery the water company was working
    on our lines all week. We were supposed to save
    some water because it was turned on. My mother
    told me (last words before being wheeled into
    surgery) to make sure the water was turned off and to
    fill the tub with water. The day was pure hell anyway
    and I was a crippled mess by the end of the day.
    My brother didn't get here until late because it was
    the day after 9/11. The day my mother came
    home I was in bed sleeping or trying to sleep
    and my brother said that there was water coming
    through the kitchen ceiling. We were running for
    pots and pans and also emptying the bath tub.
    Nothing is ever easy in this life. A couple days later
    a woman smashed her car right in front of our
    house and came to us for comfort. We were
    exhausted and sickly. She used our phone
    and calmed down a bit.

    So, no the tub is useless right now.
    Just like me.

    I have antibiotic ointment I have been using
    on my toe.

    Thanks for asking.
  4. Jen F

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    your mom...

    No wonder you love the hot tub so much, you dont' get the benefits of a hot bath...that would help you so much... especialy with epsom salts...

    there are all sorts of gadgets to help get into and out of baths for seniors, I don't know if they would help you, but it's a moot point if your pipes have a problem and the bathtub is too narrow...

    is there any solution to this, so you can get help with washing your hair?? it would probably be best to sit in a bathtub with a tub chair and have a sprayer used to wet your hair. My aunt did this for my grandmother once per week every week for at least a year after my grandmo had a stroke paralyze one side.

    remind me what you take for pain if you don't mind.

    The bottom line, Lynn, is that you need more help. But, I don't know how that is going to work out.

    Sounds like you need to live in a house better set up for a disabled person, but I doubt you will be willing to move. You probably don't have the energy or ability to pack and you have your mother and neighbours as people you want to keep close to you.

    i wish I knew more answers.

    I have used the local Services for Seniors, the same agency that does meals on wheels, to take me to dr's appointments. You might try phoning the REd Cross about that. That way you could have them drive you to doctor's appointments -if they do that in your area- and get your friends/neighbours to drive you for haircuts, and other things.

    how much better would you feel, Lynn, if you knew you had a way to get your hair washed once a week, a convenient service to take you to appointments, and enough meds to keep your pain at a controllable level?

    If I was nearer to you, I'd come over and hose you down in the backyard if I had to! lol! that is, if we could get some warm water in the hose. Set up a chair outside, wet your hair and gently with my one half-decent arm, suds up the hair a bit and then rinse. voila. 2 clean gimps.

    How would you look with a buzz cut, darling?

    I'd probably look awful, otherwise I'd consider it. But I have a slightly fat face. Buzz cuts probably suit more defined faces - like Demi Moore!

    Thinking of you and hoping you get the help you need.

  5. Applyn59

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    "No wonder you love the hot tub so much, you dont' get the benefits of a hot bath...that would help you so much... especialy with epsom salts..."

    The tub has been fixed but we need a roto rooter
    guy. The thought of a tub doesn't even appeal
    to me all that much. Sounds so painful.
    I would like the tub shower better, though.
    My mother has helped me with this in the
    past and would wash my hair if she weren't
    so anxious.

    i"s there any solution to this, so you can get help with washing your hair?? it would probably be best to sit in a bathtub with a tub chair and have a sprayer used to wet your hair. " Yep, that is how our tub works.
    We need to get it ready for usage. Right now is not
    a good time to bring this up, even though it is precisely
    when I need it.

    I take Norco 10/325 and zanaflex and xanax
    for muscle relaxers. Hey, I just remembered that
    I have percocets left over from another time.
    I should take one of those tonight! Sounds
    appealing. I have noticed that when I take
    my Naproxyn 550 ES for menstrual cramps,
    that it helps my back a lot better than the Norco.
    However, naproxyn is probably worse on my system.
    I can't take celebrex or vioxx and they also don't
    work for me.

    Prior to my mother's diagnosis, we were looking
    at houses to move into. My mother doesn't like
    living in such a large house and all the problems
    that go with it. I don't like it because it is two stories
    and not very accommodating for me. To tell you the
    truth, I don't want to move away from that hot tub!
    I don't know if my mother or I would be well enough
    to maintain one on our own. It would also make
    her very nervous.

    She wants to live in elderly housing and she
    wants me to do the same. I can't stand the
    thought but maybe that would be better
    than this. But, then I would need a ride to my
    neighbor's hot tub every day! LOL I really
    can't stand the thought of that. I think it would
    depress me too much. They have one
    about two blocks away that is a tower for the
    elderly. That is where she would like to go.
    I actually like the little house type ones better.
    My mother is not old enough in my eyes to
    be there. I don't know what it would do to my
    self-esteem to live like that. I wouldn't
    want to live somewhere away from my mother.
    I need her too much.

    Right now neither one of us has the stamina or ability to move. At one point, someone we bumped into
    who was a minor acquaintance was at an open
    house that we were at. I told her our house was
    for sale so she drove by it. She fell madly in love
    with it on the spot without seeing the inside.
    When she saw the inside she loved it even more.
    She said she would buy it and that she and her
    husband would pack us up and move us.
    It was too good to be true and did fall through.
    We have had a couple of people tell us to let
    them know if we want to sell. My mother is
    rather attached to it because it makes her think
    of my mother. I am getting to the point where
    I hate it because it is so difficult to live in.
    LIke I said, I love that hot tub, though.

    I don't know if I mentioned that the girl who
    cuts my hair lives down the street. I am trying
    call and see if she can do my hair at her house.
    She has told us in the past when my mother
    was sick that she would come to us if necessary.
    However, my mother is so nervous no one can
    come here right now. If she would let me go
    to her house, I could walk (I hope).

    I don't know what it's going to take to make me
    feel better. What it is going to take is a miracle!
    My uncle is driving me to the lyme appt out of town.
    He would take me anywhere but he works part time.
    He is taking the day off to take me to Lyme dr.

    Very funny about the two gimps.
    I would look awful with a buzz cut.
    My hair seems rather thin at hairline.
    One more problem.

    Your face is not fat at all. When I first saw that
    I thought you said flat. I need to lose weight.
    It isn't easy when I am so sick and tired.

    Thanks for your kindness and friendship.
    I really appreciate it.


    Which sacroease did you get?
  6. Jen F

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    YOur pain might be getting you down, like did with me. the percoset is helping me cope better with all the problems i have to trouble shoot.

    so, it's worth trying the percoset since you are so miserable right now and need help functioning better to get to your appointments.

    i have to be brief since must get up relatively early tomorrow for meal delivery arrival.

    I am glad that you and your mother are contemplating moving since that may be a bigger help to you than you can see right now. Adjustment is always hard at first. Perhaps you could get a place with a hot tub. Is it just a hot tub that you need or is there something special about using the one at your neighbours?

    i doubt you and your mom could upkeep a hot tub on your own, you've got enough challenges, so unless you could pay someone to maintain, you probably need one you can go to. Is there no physio place around with a whirlpool?

    I'm glad that your tub will be fixed eventually and you can get a tub chair put in and maybe some rails to be on the safe side. yeah, it's hard to think of assisted living. It's nicer to have homecare come to you. Is that an option? mind you neither option is perfect, unless you luck out and get a real starr of a homecare worker but it would help nonetheless.

    Okay, i've gone completely blank. weird. i'm sure there was something else I wanted to comment on.

    I hope you have an okay night, Lynn.


    Jen F
  7. Applyn59

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    I already took my Norco (10/325)
    I was so annoyed. I was reading your
    article on meds and I remembered that
    I was supposed to take the Percocet.
    They are probably four years old so I don't
    know if I should.

    If I can get my nerve up, I may ask my GP
    tomorrow if I can have some. Just a few even
    so that I can get to my lyme dr. appt.

    Do you like the Percocet? Is this your first time
    on it?

    I just saw that they sell hydrocodone with guai.
    Thought that was rather odd and convenient all
    at the same time! LOl

    My eyes are closing and it's I have to get
    up by 8.30 so I can call the dr's office for an appt.

    My back is more sore than ever now. You see,
    if I don't do anything, I think my back is okay.
    However, today with the shower, I can tell I did
    hurt it. It is sometimes easy to think nothing is
    wrong when you don't do anything but exist.
    I am sure it will kill me tomorrow after the
    car ride, etc. I, of course, have my lumber
    support that goes everywhere I go! I need
    a caddy to bring all my equipment!

    Hope you enjoy your cardboard meal tomorrow.

    Take Care,