Can't wait to have the gall bladder surgery

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    I am scared to death about having more surgery. I hate having to make sure that the doctor will tell the nurese that I can and will get pain meds as I need them not just as needed. So I am caling his office tomorrow and haing it put in my chart to make sure that I will be given that pain meds when I need them not just as needed when the nurse's think I need them. So when I see the doctor before the surgery on wed. I will ask or tell him to write it on his orders for me that I will be given pain meds when I need them not the every four - six hours things . I want it in writing that when I ask for pain meds I will be given them and I won't have to wait.

    I am not able to wait to have this surgery as I have so many gall stones in the gall bladder and I am in pain all day and it is getting worse. I have leared the difference from the "USUAL" pain I have daily to this new pain from the gall stones. Dang they really hurt like heck.

    I am sacred abouthaving surgery for more reasons than just he extra pain but that does not make me feel any better either. I don't like the feeling of being put under and being totally out of it and then thrying to wake up and sit up and cough and breath deeply when it hurts like heck and if I don't breathe deeply I won't get the pain meds as the doctors are afraid of my not bereathing deep enough after surgery. And with Narcotics some ppeople have a problem with their breathing after having then given after surgery and i am one of those people and on my own I can bring up my sats but it is harder to do that after surgery.

    I am worried about the pain and discomfort getting mixed up you where they tell you you will have " some discomfort" and to me that discomfort is " PAIN" THAT I WANT TAKEN AWAY ASAP . So I will discussit with my doctor and hopefully get it resolved as my pain doctor is not on staff with the hospital I will be at. The town I live in is small and is stupid abouat pain control and they don't really know much about it and how much pain meds that some people really need to have and I am one of those people. But I will call him and I wil have him write me a note telling them what it is that I have and what meds I am one adn how he wants the extra pain handled so that I will be comfortalble and not in extremem pain. So just say a paryer for me that all will go well adn i will get out in 1 day and beable to take my own pain meds.

    Still worried and nervous,
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    I think you may have misunderstood what I said about the pain meds while in the hospital. I want you to be sure...

    If you are currently used to taking a certain amount of pain meds to maintain your pain control, then when you go into the hospital, you want the med orders to read you are to receive your pain meds "around the clock" every 6 hours or every 4 hours (whatever you have been taking at home).

    You do NOT want them written only PRN or as needed because if you are "out of it" and unable to ask for meds, or even if you do, the nurse can use her discretion and neglect to give you your pain meds.

    The PRN or "as needed" only order is the dangerous one. Even if you ask for the meds, the nurse can neglect giving them to you with that order.

    Along with the "round the clock" order for your pain meds, you can ask the doctor to add additional meds PRN for pain not controlled by what you are already receiving. So ideally, you will have pain meds automatically given based on what you have been taking at home, and an additional order for pain meds PRN or as needed if necessary.

    This is tricky business and believe me, I just went through hell with my mother in the hospital with her PRN orders.

    The doctor finally had to write them "round the clock" to get it straight. These medical people need to understand if you don't keep receiving the pain meds you are used to taking, you will go into withdrawals.

    There is no shame in telling them you are dependant on your pain meds. There are lots of pain patients who are dependant on their meds - you have nothing to feel bad about.

    Just stand up and make sure it is straight. Also, have your husband be ready to go to the nurses on your behalf if your pain is not being treated properly.

    You might ask the doctor who normally prescribes your pain meds to come in as a "consult" to oversee your pain control. He is more familiar with you and what you will need.

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    i glad you went ahead a scheduled surgery.

    just a thought maybe you could have the doctor call you pain meds in a head of time so you can have them for home.

    and maybe you could ask if they are going to give you a morphine pump for your pain when you are awake at the hosiptal. they are doing this out patient surgery correct? if not maybe they will give you the i.v. morphine pump. then youdon't have to wait on the nurse to give you your meds you have it right there already in bed w/you.

    this is really said, but i tell you when i i had shoulder surgery about two years ago i was in recovery and the nurse said do you want some more morphine before you go home? i was hem and hawing cause i don't like to take drugs, so she said sure you do. you'll feel it burn for a second then it will go right away. i did feel some burning but went right away. i then got wheeled out of the hospital. i'm sitting in the the wheelchair thinking this is the best i have felt since my bout of fibro. my neck and back and all of the aches and pains were gone. i felt so human again. i was a little depressed that i thought i needed morphone to make me feel human again.

    but i did go home i made dinner for myself and my son that night. did some dishes. then the numbing ran out on my shoulder but i took my tylenol #3. i did just fine.

    what i', saying i think your going to be very comfortable when you are in the hospital espcially if you have a morphine pump, plus you don't have to worry that the nurses won't have the meds there in time. you are going to feel far better than you are now for sure!

    just call and ask for a morphine pump, plus that is time controlled so you can't overdose. you will be fine.

    i flet so much better after i had my spleen and gall bladder out at the same time big incision. i didn't even need my morphin pump. i went home in two days instead of the 7-10 day stay.

    you will be fine these surgeries are very routine and a lot less invasive.

    best wishes and heal quickly.