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    get along? I come here to this board everyday to see what's new and how ppl are doing. Lately there are alot of ppl who are not happy with one thing or another. Lighten up! It seems to me that if your not happy with it here,don't come in. I realize that by me posting this that I too will be at risk for some harsh words, bring them on.Everyone who comes here has the same goals,information and companionship in our time of need. So what if some repeated.Don't read it was a difficult choice for me to even post this because now I can view myself as one of the many who like to b****, I only wish that everyone can just try and get along and keep your negative comments to yourselves. And to all the ppl who truly love to help,keep up the good work! queenbee
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    with QueenBee! It's the holidays and we all have enough stress in our lives to deal with. This should be a place of comfort and support. Personally I have never been responded to harshly or criticized, but I have read some that would have made me cry. I read what I can on any given day and I would think we all should just think before we type. Words can hurt....

    Hugs and warm wishes to all. Lisa

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    We should all be thankful for this board..without it I know I wouldn't be as functional as I am......We all need SUPPORT and VALIDITY that comes along with this board..It is so comforting to know that I am not alone in my feelings, symptoms, fears, frustration.etc....

    Yes...We should all feel blessed to be able to come here and be OURSELVES!!!!!!! and learn from and comfort each other.


    Hugs and Smiles
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