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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by fairydust39, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. fairydust39

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    Hey everyone,I just found a wonderful captioning phone called "Cap-Tel telephone" by Ultra-Tec.
    It has a window that has captioning,every word the person calling you says,it combines speech with captioning. Also if you qualify,it's free.
    A few states does not support the Cap-Tel phone but there is a list on the site that tells which states does. Not sure how much they are ,if you have to buy your own. I sent for the catalog,with all their products.It can also be connected to your computer and the captioning comes on your screen,in as large a text as you need. (For the people that couldn't see the small screen on the phone).It is compatible with hearing aids or CI's and has a amplifier on the phone also.I am definitely getting one.

    Hugs Shirley
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    This sounds like a really neat Phone ,,,,,think i'll look into it!Thanks for posting this!
  3. fairydust39

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    Yes I am going to get one too. They have a link on line to read about them.
    Hugs Shirley