Car accident then Fibro diagnoses - what's the connection?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by CountryButterfly, May 2, 2010.

  1. CountryButterfly

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    I was in a car accident (rear ended) in May of 2009. I injured my spine and I also started having what I now believe are fibro symptoms not long after the accident. I had absolutely NO idea what fibromyalgia was or what the symptoms were etc. before I was diagnosed with it in Feb of 2010. Now that I am looking back, and the more I research & compare mental notes - the more I go "oh my goodness...that fits me!!" But I keep wondering WHY I got fibro after a car accident?? I was FINE (except for a bad back that the accident made worse) until that dang accident. But how could a car accident cause fibro and the strange symptoms that go with it? I KNOW I am not alone with this...and that is why I am asking. As I read info & try to understand and put the pieces together, I keep reading about others that also developed fibro after a car accident. But I don't know why. Why do so many get fibro after car accidents? I have even seen articles about it...but no info as to WHY. Does anyone know or have a theory or have first hand experience?

    Hugs..Country Butterfly
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    Well, being as FM is now being classified as a neurological problem, it
    is understandable how a car accident can trigger it. When the brain is
    battered around by such a terrible jolt, it disrupts how the pain signals
    are perceived by the brain, which is a self perpetuating cycle.

    FM is not a MUSCLE problem, that's just where the pain shows up the
    most. Because it is neurological, it causes the least little twinge that
    would be perceived as normal to be magnified and it also causes the
    terrible brain fog experienced along with it.

    If the newly discovered retrovirus shows up in an FM patient, IMHO
    it means the patient has been misdiagnosed with FM when they
    really have CFS/ME, which causes unbelievable pain, often an
    unrecognized symptom of CFS/ME. It is as if every cell in the body
    hurts sometimes.

    I would suggest discussing Klonopin with your doctor; it can protect
    your brain while definitive answers are being found. Take the smallest
    dose possible.

  3. Nanie46

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    Latent infections can be reactivated when one experiences any stressor, including a car accident.

    One infection that this can happen with, that many here have later found to be the cause of their illness is Borrelia burgdorferi. Others are Babesia, Bartonella and Ehrlichia.

    You can read more here and see the symptom list on page 9-11 and pages 22-27....
  4. Janalynn

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    In SOME people, they say your Fibro can be 'triggered' by physical trauma such as a car accident - but it wouldn't cause it. You probably didn't get Fibro after your accident, but it sort of came to life after your accident, if that makes sense.

    We have a problems with our wiring, how our pain signals are wired.

    Some people, like me have no connection to an accident or any sort of trauma. Trying to figure out why you got Fibro after your accident unfortunately probably won't do you too much good. Your energy would be better spent on finding ways to cope day to day, in making your body comfortable, heal your body and mind etc.

    Some of us dont believe in the virus theory or that Fibro has anything to do w/Lyme/thyroid etc.
    Do you have a good Dr.? Good support network? That is so very very important!

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