Car adapters for heating pads? traveling tips?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by butterfly83, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. butterfly83

    butterfly83 New Member

    Question - I thought in the past that some of you have mentioned getting car chargers for your heating pads so you can take them on the road with you to use during the drive. Any info on what they are, how they work, where I could get one?

    I've got a lot of traveling coming up, and i'm trying to think of ways i'll be able to do it and not fall into a pile as soon as i get there.

    Help? suggestions?
  2. pumpkinpatch

    pumpkinpatch New Member

    We travel alot by car and we have a device we bought at "Canadian Tire" here in Canada called the Exterminator. You put into your lighter then it contains two electrical sockets for plugging whatever into it. I bring both my heating pad and massager!! Works like a charm.

  3. browneyelady48

    browneyelady48 New Member

    We have a car adapter that we purchased from Walmart. It is great, we use it alot for different things, one being a very small tv for the grandchildren to be intertained.

    Thats a great ideal with the heating pad, because my husband freezes me to death with the air, and I always have to use a throw blanket to put around me.
  4. pastorwife

    pastorwife Member

    I have the massage cushion. It works great as far as heat and massage go. One drawback is that the points of massage are like round hard balls and to sit on them can get pretty tricky. You have to position it and yourself in such a way that they don't cause more pain. But, when you turn on the massage -- ooo laa laa!!!

    I also found that where it shows the neck massage, it doesn't reach the neck. I'm only 5'2" so I should know if it doesn't go high enough on the back.

    Overall, I keep it in the car all the time. You can't drive with the massage on as it vibrates your body and changes your vision -- moves your head enough to make what you're looking at appear to be vibrating. But you can still benefit from the heat.

    My heating pad says not to sit on it. With this, you are supposed to sit on it.

    Hope this info helps. Have fun traveling!
  5. cczub

    cczub New Member

    You can get them at Walmart and the like. Just go to the walmart website and type in the search box power inverter.

    Hope this helps,

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