Carbo's , Diabetes and FM etc.

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    I am a diabetic and my education into this has told me that I must have Carbs' to help maintain my levels.The sessions I attended stated this is a must. I get so confused by the information on this board saying cutting out carb's is a must for various reasons. I am not really a big meat eater. Love fish and chicken. Think that goes back to my days on the farm when I raised 32 orphan lambs one year and some months later couldn't find then. Hubby said "What do you think you have been eating the last while"? That was IT. He loves lamb and I cook it for him, but I still won't eat it.Anyway, I want to do the right thing for my health and I want to loose weight. Am nearly off the Zoloft and the weight is starting to come down oh so slowly, but as I said, I am now really confused.Of course don't have much in the way of sugars and very little fats. I haven't lost weight on the diabetic tablet as I can't take the one I should have. Lost weight on the original one as it gave me muscle pains, severe headaches and explosive and uncontrolled diarohea. Wasn't much fun. Especially when I was out. Came home many times to change. Over in the USA you have a tablet that would be better for me, but it is still not on the list for subsidising and would cost something over $100 aus' per month. Hope they release it soon. Anyway, who else has diabetes and FM and how do they manage? Love Ozgran.
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    Before it got to full-blown Diabetes. I had insullin resistance, the precursor to Type II Diabetes. I went on the Suzanne Somers Diet and lost 24 pounds. I've plateaued but can get back to more strenuous exercise on Mon. and plan to really get back to losing weight again.

    We should not try to live on no carbs, just low carbs. Getting rid of the "white" stuff really helps. No white flour, in fact, I say toss out the baked stuff altogether. No sugar in any of its forms, no white potatoes, and no white rice. Stay away from high-starch veggies like carrots and beets. Eat green veggies. You can have all the butter, cream, meat, fish, and foul you want. Her recipes are delicious.

    It takes a little getting used to separating different types of foods. You never eat carbs and fats together and you eat fruit by itself. Once you get used to that, it's a snap.

    I was headed downhill fast. My B/P was high/normal and my cholesterol was elevated. I had gained 40 pounds from Elavil and Flexeril. Within 8 days, my B/P was down to low/normal and my next labs showed improvements in all lipids with my cholesterol dropping from 191 to 168. My doc was astounded.

    The next time you are at the bookstore, read the forward/intro in the latest Somers book. It's written by a doc who tells of the success for Diabetics on the SomerSize diet.

    Love, Mikie
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    what tablet are you talking about?

    I'm in the USA. Just wonder what drug.

    I am a diabetic and have fibro. For the diabetes, I take the oral meds Amaryl and Actos, and I take the insulin Lantus.

    I don't eat right. I know I should and I am telling myself that I will do better.
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    Thanks for your reply. Can you tell me the correct name of the Suzanne Somers book and who the publisher is? I am having great difficulty in tracking it down over here and if I have that info' it just might be easier. I am really interested to try as tho' I have nearly always been a "tubby", have never been as bad as I am now. Since posting earlier today, I went outside and loaded and took 4 very light barrow loads of mulch to my garden. Had had a late breakfast and had decided to wait for an early lunch and "bingo", I started to "hypo" on a reading of 3.6. Just should not happen at that reading.If I can control things better with diet, I would be very happy. Love Ozgran.
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    I can't tell you the name of the drug Dr is talking about as I don't know. I should be on Diaformin, but have to take Diamicron. My elderly neighbour is on Avaryl and the Diaformin and it is giving him terrible diarohea too. I got severe headaches with it too. Taking the Zoloft added greatly to my weight, but Dr insisted I needed it to help me to relax with the FM. Have a read of my response to Mikie and you will see some of what I deal with. I just have to get the weight off to feel better with the Disc, Diabetes, Osteo and FM problems.Good luck with your weight loss too. Love Ozgran.
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    Has written four or five books, but her latest, "Fast & Easy," is by far the best and easiest to understand. All the really important info is in the first few pages. The Publisher is Crown and the ISBN is 1-4000-4643-2. The cover is purple with a picture of Suzanne in a swim suit.

    You can do a search on her name and it will take you to her website where she sells her book and her SomerSweet sugar substitute. You can also go to Barnes & Noble's website to buy it. It was on the best seller list and I got a really good discount on it at the local B&N store. All her books have made the best seller list.

    Like the Atkins Diet, the SomerSize Diet has two phases, but the first phase in the SomerSize Diet isn't an induction, quick loss phase. You can even have a few desserts on the first phase of her diet. It's much easier to stick with, plus she gives you delicious recipes with each book. I recommend this latest book because it does a much better job of explaining combining certain foods to advantage. The earlier books had me a little confused on this.

    Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie