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    I still don't really understand what Cheney's feeling is about lyme and co-infections; at least Lerner has stated that CF/FM pts fall into 2 groups, a) those with viral infections, and b) those with viral and bacterial (like lyme, mycoplasma, etc)... that said, I have a friend who sees Cheney regularly and is suddenly improving...

    Cardiac implications of Lyme disease, diagnosis and therapeutic approach
    Pavlos Lelovas, Ismene Dontas, Eleni Bassiakou, Theodoros Xanthos
    International Journal of Cardiology published online 28 May 2008.


    Lyme is a tick-borne disease. The genetic diversity of Borreliae its distribution worldwide and its epidemiology have been related to different clinical manifestations.

    Carditis is a rare manifestation of Lyme disease. The commonest abnormality is atrioventricular block of various degrees, though other rhythm abnormalities have been reported.

    Pericarditis, myocarditis, cardiomyopathy and degenerative valvular disease have been associated with B. burgdorferi. Temporary pacing might be required in unstable patients.

    The majority of the conduction disturbances have a benign prognosis, if the infectious agent is identified and treated appropriately.

    PMID: 18508142
    Received 17 May 2007; received in revised form 20 September 2007; accepted 14 January 2008. Corrected Proof
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    My son had weird heart symptoms suddenly last fall, he's only 20 but dx'd with chronic lyme 3 years ago...... initial EKG was abnormal, but he upped his magnesium, and by the time of his stress test complete with 2 EKGs and 1 echo, everything was fine.

    Magnesium is supposed to be extremely important to supplement with, as lyme is known to need it. I'm assuming most of the likely coinfections do too.

    My friend fit Cheney's profile with the abnormal heart readings on the echocardiogram the way he does it... she is using specially compounded bison glandular creams, there are several ones... they're given trandermally (via lotions on skin). She now looks 'alive', altho still has a ways to go of course, she's been 90% bedridden.

    BTW, my son prior to being dx'd and treated had a pulse of 45 and abnormal BP too....... it's now in the low normal range. That said, abx hasn't proven to be the whole answer likely... took orals for 3 years, seems to have gone backwards a bit as some pain has returned (altho nowhere near what it was); so he's taking a break right now from all abx to let his body recover on its own and see what happens.

    It never stops being complicated tho, we had a heavy metals test run on him, he's chelating slowly as he had several weird things show up that neither my DH or I've had. In fact we've all been different, even tho we've lived in this house for 21 years!

    all the best,

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    Hi, I also don't understand Cheney's opinions on Lyme/CFS. The only thing I have read is that Dr. C admits the symptoms of CFS and Lyme are identical. So, does he believe it's all Lyme or are they separate? Also, The PFO's, are they common in Lyme or just CFS? So many questions with so few answers. I stillhave hope one day that we can all get our health back. Jess
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    but not sure, his feeling is that whether it's chronic or autoimmune, that the body can put it in remission if it's strengthened in other ways... which I THINK puts him sortof in the IDSA's camp...

    BUT I am not really sure that's his whole idea - as I think he is basically working on a certain subset. I don't think everyone dx'd with CF/FM has had the echocardiogram done the way he does it...

    altho it would be interesting if a study were done, as 2 other local friends with Cf/FM have had it done that way by other docs willing to do it, and also got readings similar to our friend who is being treated by Cheney;

    It would be interesting to give the echo the way he does it to
    A) a randomly selected group of CF/FM'rs,
    B) a group of randomly selected 'healthy' people and
    C) finally, another group of those dx'd previously with CF/FM and then Lyme/coinfections...