CARDIAC problems Lyme... abstract, 1 case study

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    I don't have access to the full article as one has to subscribe to the journal...

    I'm really wondering WHERE this 'military trainee' was located (especially since I'm assuming this person was in the south), and where s/he was from... and to hear the treatment and followup down the road a few years from now.


    Case Report

    Southern Medical Journal. 101(2):202-204, February 2008.
    Beck, Amy S. DO; Okulicz, Jason F. MD; Rasnake, Mark S. MD
    Lyme borreliosis remains an important and common vector-borne illness in the United States, Europe, and Asia. In the majority of cases, it presents as a localized rash that seldom causes further complications with antibiotic treatment. If left undetected however, various neurologic, cardiovascular, and musculoskeletal manifestations may occur. Reported here is the case of a basic military trainee who first presented with cardiac manifestations of Lyme disease, highlighting this tick-borne illness as a rare, easily forgotten, and treatable cause of complete heart block.

    (C) 2008 Southern Medical Association;
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    Thank you for the info. I worry about this because of my age and how long I have probably had Lyme.

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    I hope you're taking extra magnesium... lyme uses it.

    My 20 yo son stopped taking extra a couple months ago, since it's in his multiple and separate mineral formula... but he started getting 'weird' chest feelings for about a week that weren't going away.

    So he went to see his local doctor who gave him an ekg, it was abnormal, and was referred for a stress test to be done 2 days later.

    Between the first ekg and the stress test, he went back on the extra magnesium...

    And - only 2 days after the ekg and 2 days worth of extra magnesium, his ekg & echo etc were all normal. All together I think he probably takes about 1200 mg.

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