cardiac side effects from supplemental oxygen

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  1. donnaba

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    Along with other health issues, my dr thinks I have low level carbon monoxide poisoning. he thinks this because of my extreme sensitivity to everything: chemicals, noise, taste, energy medicine, you name it.

    So i started on 5 liters for 30 minutes, this gave me an increased heart rate, altered breathing and heart rhythm, and decreased sleep. So adjusted it down. I tried 1 L for 5 min, and i'm still having issues. Anyone have any idea why my body is reacting like this to such a benign treatment?

    Not sure if I should continue, i need some sleep. Can't believe i'm paying $325 a month to rent this thing.

    Thanks for any ideas

  2. simonedb

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    donna sounds like you are proving dr cheney's theory that we have oxygen toxicity in cfs anda hole in the heart in which case supplement with oxygen would increase symptoms

    google dr. paul cheney and heart and oxygen
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    only Sim. says it a lot better/clearer.

    But wanted you to know I read your post and am concerned about
    you continuing to use the oxygen....dangerous, I would say.

  4. simonedb

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    good point and advice kjm.

    here is someone explaining cheney heart oxygen theory:

    The talk was filled with familiar information about diastolic dysfunction. He feels that almost all CFS patients have diastolic dysfunction. “100 % of CFS patents have an energy related cardiac problem.” One of the primary symptoms of diastolic dysfunction is Orthostatic Intolerance (a problem with standing). He feels that CFS is a severe oxidative stress disorder, resulting from some provocation, or insult – viral or bacterial. He thinks that antiviral therapy is only effective in the beginning of the disease. He spent some time talking about the four phases of the disease.

    CFS patients cannot get oxygen into their tissues. If you administer oxygen to the patient, they get worse. Cheney believes that “oxygen is kept out as a compensation for keeping something worse from happening and the system accepts the consequences as compensation for not getting something worse”. With his testing method, Cheney detects “a 21% loss in energy in 30 seconds” when oxygen is administered to patients. He says that the CFS condition is close to a fetal physiology in two ways - 40% have PFO (an opening in the heart), and all have oxygen toxicity.

    Treatment of oxygen toxicity is in control of the outcome of this disease. Treat the oxygen toxicity correctly and the oxygen toxicity goes away – and the patient gets better.

    CFS patients have a defect in oxygen handling systems. This includes damage to red blood cells. The body compensates by keeping oxygen out and the result is low energy. Cheney discussed the four adaptations to low oxygen - and most CFS patients have all four. One of them is the methylation block –“another important defense mechanism against oxygen toxicity”. The push crash phenomenon is basically is a failure of the HPA axis to control oxygen toxicity.

    whole thing:

    and dr myhill explaning it:

    let us know what happens
  5. donnaba

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    thanks everyone for your replies. Interesting that I could not tolerate the methylation protocol when i tried it earlier due to an extreme"speedy" feeling, increased heart rate and a sort of restricted breathing.

    I guess I'm in a labyrinth(sp) of diagnosis and treatments. I have a lyme/babesia/ms diagnosis, and am unable to tolerate any treatments because of the extreme chemical(all sensory really) sensitivities.

    So along comes the carbon monoxide poisoning diagnosis, and it seems to make sense but not able to tolerate the oxygen to treat it either. My dr thinks it's from the free radicals released during the oxygenation. But what if that's not what's going on? What if it is this oxygen toxicity, that makes sense now too(haven't heard of that before).

    Or what if the lyme or babesia reacting to the oxygen. I'm at a loss of what to do, I've tried countless things. Thanks for your support, who else could understand this crazy mess.

  6. HeavenlyRN

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    Interesting that you should post this. I just read an article in the August issue of 'Nursing2010' titled "Hyperoxia linked to higher in-hospital mortality."

    It would be good ifyou could get your hands on a copy of the article, but here is the opening paragraph: "In a multicenter cohort study, researchers studied 6,326 ICU patients being treated for cardiac arrest. Patients were divided into 3 groups - hyperozia, hypoxia and normoxia). The next paragraph says: "Mortality was significantly higher in the hyperoxia group compared with the other 2 groups."

    Obviously, the article doesn't address FM or CFS, but after I saw your post, it reminded me of the article.

    As I mentioned, it's in the "Nursing2010" journal, and it's on page 21 (it's a short article!!). The magazine is put out by Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins.
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    Well, this is nerve racking. Something I don't want to deal with. I've been on 4 leiters of oxygen for ages! And I need it. I can tell when I'm not breathing well without it. But I'm also anemic and getting anemicer (red blood cells?)
    Don't tell me there's something else confusing to deal with!!! NoNoNo---I won't go I won't go I won't go You can't make me, etc.
  8. AuntTammie

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    I wouldn't panic yet......while I do very much respect him, Dr Cheney changes his theories quite often (good that he is willing to admit that he was wrong and/or to share new things he has learned, but not good in that it makes some doubt what he does come up with)

    also, personally I have found that many of the things he recommends against are things that I find helpful (like Ribose and Vit D)

    the oxygen toxic theory is a bit confusing to me, but from what I know it makes some sense, but like many things I think it really only applies to some patients....I know of other people who have said they do much better on oxygen, and I know that there have been a few times I have wound up in the ER and on oxygen and felt better on it than off (I do have asthma and some other issues, though, so that may be why in my case)

    In the case of these illnesses, I tend to go with trusting what my body is telling me over what any doctor says (expert, or no) if you find that you do better on it, I would stay with it
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    Hi donna,

    I have severe M.E. and oxygen does indeed make me very sick....unless my oxygen levels are low, of course! Then I need it, and it helps very very much!

    This is the case for anyone--if your body does not need the oxygen, administering it will make you worse! (It's far more pronounced in people with M.E., for whatever reason. I can only handle the 1L; even one minute of oxygen if I don't require it will make me unable to breathe.)

    It's a DRUG, remember!

    I hope I'm understanding you correctly. It does not help but makes you worse? Or are you saying it does help, but also causes side effects? Since you mentioned having Babesia it's possible it could be reacting because of the parasite suddenly being in an oxygenated environment. Perhaps you can ask this on the Medical Questions section of and see if anyone with Lyme/babesia has reacted like this.

    Mattie: My doctor warned me that I can get dependent on oxygen. It's just like any other substance: If you take it a long time without any breaks, your body adapts to the new level of functioning and it cannot function without it. After four years, your body has probably reached this point.
  10. donnaba

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    It does make me worse. I spoke with someone affilated with this group

    and he thinks I may be reacting to something in the process of the concentrator, and wants me to try a oxygen tank. I'll try it once maybe for 5 min, and see what happens. He's aware of Dr. Cheney's research and still wants me to give it a try. I'll let you know how it goes.

    If anyone has MCS or multi-sensory sensitivities you might want to check out their webpage.
  11. TigerLilea

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    Did your doctor refer you to a specialist or did he diagnose you himself? If he thinks you have carbon monoxide poisoning, you should probably be referred to someone who specializes in it. The fact that your doctor "thinks" you have it doesn't sound very reassuring. I would want to know for sure. Also, if you do have carbon monoxide poisoning, shouldn't you be receiving hyperbaric treatment? Shouldn't you be finding out where the poisoning is coming from (ie leaky furnace, etc.), or if you have a health issue that is causing it? Something doesn't sound right here!
  12. donnaba

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    Hi, just an update. It is the oxygen I am reacting to. I tried oxygen from a tank thru a bending straw into my mouth 1 L for 5 min as suggested by an expert. By day 2 a change in breathing pattern(shallow breaths)By day 3 the heart rhythm changes occured. The thought was that I was reacting to something in the concentrator or tubing, guess not. Thanks for your support.