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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nineveh1, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. nineveh1

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    Does anyone have any info. on aerobic capability loss with chronic fatigue/FMS? This was a real problem for me, which got progressively worse. I found that when I treated my sleep disorder, as well as started taking meds (SNRI), The aerobic capability improved in a major way. I never stopped exercising with the FMS, but the pain and fatigue limited the way I did my usual regimen. I was afraid to bike ride, or climb, because of the fatigue. I can bike now.

    Anyone have any links to research, doctors who have discussed this, experience with this??

  2. kat211

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    Of course, nothing really is w/fm. I can't allow myself to get and keep my heart rate up like I used to. For the past few months the most I have been able to do on my elliptical was 15min max at a time. I have been slowly increasing the number of times I work out a day. I got up to 32 min tues, 52 min weds, and just completed another 52 minutes. If I allow myself to get my HR up, my head gets really weird.

  3. gapsych

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    I don't know of any research but when I got one of my sleep disorders treated, it helped me a lot, especially pain and energy. I have OSA, RLS and night fibro pain, the latter two I still experience but relatively speaking I am doing better.

    I really think that most of us should get a sleep study since sleep is related to pain and energy as well as the fogginess and probably a lot more of our symptoms.

    I also take an SSRI. About 100 mgs for depression and as my psychiatrist says,an extra 50mg. for pain.

    What is your sleep disorder?

    Hope other's can give you more information.


    ETA I would get little stage 3 and 4 sleep and that has improved as well.

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  4. satchya

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    I have fm (although thankfully not chronic fatigue), and I teach aerobics at our local YMCA. I lost 80 pounds over the course of the last five years by slowly, gradually building up my aeobic endurance (walking around the neighborhood led to walking on the treadmill at the gym, led to zumba at the gym, led to more intense aerobic classes at the gym, led to eventually teaching aerobics at the gym).

    It really did take me all five years to build up my endurance, though. Every time I tried to do too much too fast, I would crash and crash hard. Right now one of the classes I teach is called "Transformation" and it is specifically for "non-traditional" gym members (i.e., those with a lot of weight to lose, arthritis, fibro, etc.). I encourage them to just do what they "feel" like doing that night, not what they feel like they think I want them to do, or what they feel like everyone else is looking at them expecting them to do. And gradually, they build their way up to doing more and more. Somehow, giving them permission to workout in a safe and welcoming environment where listening to your body is a good thing, not a bad thing, leads to better results than pushing them to go, go, go, feel the burn, go!!! You know?

    I also take quite the cocktail of medication that I believe makes it possible for me to acheive the results I am acheieving. I take tramadol (which works not only as a pain reliever but as a mild snri (or ssri? can't remember)--I take gabapentin--I take muscle relaxants--a dopamaine reuptake inhibitor--a sleep medication--and lortab--and topamax.

    I still suffer from a lot of pain, fatigue, and memory fog. But I am in the best, healthiest shape of my life. I am also (I hope, not to sound snotty) an inspiration to others who are going through what I am going through.

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