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    they just called from DRs ofc and said now that my hubby has cadiomyopathy, and just left it at that told me to get in touch with DR that did the angiogram last Thurs, he told us everything was o.k.
    of course when I called the heart Drs ofc they said they would have to call me back. so here we are wondering what is going on.and if my hubby should even be at work. these DRs have just been bouncing us back and I have nothing else to do but sit by the phone waiting on them.
    any suggestions? in how to get through to Dr.
    thanks sixtyslady
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    Another example of what I call our country's "criminal medicine"!

    The first dr. should not have told you dh has a cardiomyopathy...he just should have said to make sure you follow up with the cardiologist.

    The 2nd drs office should have assured you that if your husband had anything seriously wrong with his heart, you would have heard from the dr. immediately.

    You can only be certain that the angiogram did not show serious blockages, or the dr. would not have told you all was ok.

    Cardiomyopathies can be mild to serious, I believe. If you don't hear from dr. by 8 p.m. tonite, call his paging service and request an immediate call in order to clarify his findings. Of course, dr. won't have DHs medical rcds at home with him, so call that office and request findings be mailed to you also.

    Don't worry, I don't think the 2nd dr. would have let your husband go if they had found anything at all life-threatening on his angiogram. Its just that sometimes later, when they study the findings closely, they see what may be a problem, unspecified type, and end up calling it a cardiomyopathy.

    Good luck to both of you....

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    thank you so much,for your anwser, as of yet we've heard nothing from the cardio Dr.
    Ive just been so stressed out mostly from the way the DRs just don"t respond to our question.
    but your reply has helped me relax and try to settle down, its just so hard when a person is sick yourself and i have to be on the phone most of the day with Drs ofc and then get no where. I"m just so fatigued and haven"t been getting much sleep. I just go into automatic take over mode and I"ve always been that way for my family,but right now I can't even seem to have enough enegry to make phone calls. thanks for letting me vent, sixtyslady