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    i often wonder if i have heart problems. when i search the cardio info. it sends me into a panic attack! yep even after 14 yrs of this dd. i've had a echo cardiogram done on my heart, bout 10 yrs. ago it was fine. i've had chest x-rays, ekg. and 2 stress tests within the last 10 yrs. last one being 2 yrs ago. but i have pain between my shoulder blades down my back, and am now going to a chiro. i get cold feet, numbness in my fingers, and cramps in my legs occas. how the heck do you know if its heart related or cfs or fibro? im so sick of this! help me!
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    but I didn't want you to go without any replies. I do have two thoughts though. When I first came down with CFS/FM symptoms they were heart palpitations, pressure in chest, pain in shoulder blades, numbness in hand and feet, etc. I also had a echo cardiogram and all looked good but some of those symptoms have continued. Also, I just noticed in some of Dr. Cheney's recent work he had made a connection to idiopathic cardiomyopathy (heart failure) and CFS. It's not widely accepted but is an interesting observation. Good luck and take care.
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    I have read that the conventional heart tests will not detect heart problems cause by CFS. One test recommended for people wh suspect that they may have CFS is Bicycle Ergometry.

    Can anyone recommend other tests lazygrant might need?