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    Hi everyone on the board,

    I would like to know if any of you guys had taken this
    "cardiopulmonary test"? I see Dr. Levine in NYC and she had told my long term disability insurance that this is a
    gold standard for testing for cfs and fibro. They had wanted to give me the functional capacity eval test and she
    told them it was inadequate for any type of marker of our illness. There responce to her letter is to now send me for an independent medical exam! She also received a cert. letter from them that freaked her out - she said they are saying that we are possible friends outside of the office? I did not see the letter yet but she was very freaked out.

    This is the first time I have heard of this gold standard test so if you guys know anything plz reply.

    On an other note I am in a flare do to this crazy Long Term Disibility insurance mess. They also seemed to be upset that I get out the house to see three doctors on a weekly basis. What is that about? I see these doctors for needed medical care - I am not sure what they are up to but it sounds like touble to me.

    I am going nuts in NYC!
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    will bump for info for you.
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    I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this bureaucratic hooplah on top of everything else!

    Several weeks ago there was a post CFS & Heart Failure secondary to mitochondrial malfunction. I will try to find it and bump it up for you.

    But the article refers to work done by Dr. Arnold Peckerman that shows CFS patients have impaired cardiac output and the level of impairment directly correlates to our level of disability. Dr. Peckerman was asked by the US National Institutes of Health to develop a test for CFS to help judge level of disability.

    You may be able to get more info by doing and internet search for Dr. Peckerman.

    I hope this helps!!!

    Love & Light, Laurie
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    you back to page one hoping you can get some additional help here.