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    I have read you posts and did'nt realize you were in Athens! I have a neice a nephew and two cousins at UGA now. We used to go to tons of games but since I have had Grant and been sick I haven't been to to many!

    I live in Marietta and have a son Grant who will be 4 in Jan.

    Your children are so beautiful and they look very sweet. You have a great attitude which will help you as you fight to get your health back. Good Luck and take Care
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    Well I chose not to go to UGA because everyone in my highschool was going there! I just wanted to get away from that so I went way out west to Waco TX to Baylor.

    I also am a huge animal lover! We have 2 rescue dogs Buster and Thelma Lou. Neither one is the most beautiful animal nt eh world but Thelma Lou is the sweetest ever and Buster has a cantakerous funny personality.

    We also have a Cat Sweetie Pie and her Kittens. moon Pie and Razzleberry Pie. My neighbors daughter really wnats Razzleberry and I may let her have her. Three kitties are alot around the house and she would get a ton of attention there. She also seems to love Erica and snuggles up to her when she is around. What do you think???. The kittens are 5 months old now. My niece has the third one Daisy.

    I imagine game days are a big pain if you aren't going! For the last two years I have taken my neices to a gYmnastics meet in JAnuary. It is so inexpensive $10 and they love it. They have the cheerleaders there and you sit really close. I would highly recommend it!

    HAve you already moved?? Hope things are goign well for you! Take Care- Lynn

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