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    Carebelle , you asked what I took and turned in with my application and what I think actually helped me win on 1st try.

    I think just the fact of OLD AGE (nearly 58) was in my opinion a big factor in the decision.

    But I also took my medical records from about 7 years back from all the Doctors I had seen and any test/lab reports.

    I have been seeing several docs including:primary care and my rheumy, neurologist, cardiologist, pulmonary, physical therapy treatments (did much more harm than good), endocrinologist. My "BOOK OF REMEMBERANCE" MEDICAL RECORDS was a good 5-6 inches thick. I wonder if they even read much of it?????????

    After my 1st interview, I was concerned that I hadn't given enough information because of the space limitations on the application. So I typed up a letter about me and the kind of life that I had always lived and how active I had always been. I had always worked and hate what my life has now become and I want to work but can no longer do so.

    I addressed this letter directly to the Determination Board. I took it to my interviewer and told her I wanted this letter sent up with the rest of my records and application to the Determination Board.

    Someone also asked what state I'm in and I don't remember who it was--but I am in UTAH.

    If I can help anyone I'll be glad to answer any questions.
    Have a great night,
    Hugs to all,
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    We're worried about you. Are you OK?

    Love, Mikie
  3. Mikie

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    I hope you see this.
  4. carebelle

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    What are you worried about me for?Thats weird why?
  5. Mikie

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    Which went unanswered and was bumped. If memory serves, and often it doesn't :), the other post was from a day or two earlier. At least, you know you are missed.

    The board has been moving even faster than normal for the last couple of days and posts roll over several pages before you know it. Just wanted to be sure you saw this.

    Love, Mikie

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