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    I just wanted to let everyone know that in-home caregiver services are covered
    by MediCare. You have to meet certain criteria and your doctor has to make
    the arrangements. MediCal also has an in-home care services program for those
    who qualify.
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    I'm scared of them. Both my aunt and my grandmother got bad ones that stole stuff from them. So now, even though I need one desperately and I qualify, I'm too scared to try. I don't have alot of things, but the things I do have, alot of them have sentimental value and I don't want them stolen.

    Last summer, my aunt went through hell with one of those "caregivers". The woman stole money out of her handbag while she was in the bathroom. And she stole food items from the kitchen. She actually took a brand new can of coffee and hid it by the door intending to take it out with her, but she forgot it and my aunt found it hidden and covered. My aunt got the agency to replace the stolen money, but it took over three weeks for them to do it.

    It's just scary because people who are disabled are easy prey for the bad ones.