Caregivers who care for and live with Alzheimers patient.

Discussion in 'Caregivers' started by Miwok, Aug 2, 2004.

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    I see a lot of posts here about caregivers who don't live with the patient. But my mother and I are actually living with my grandmother who is getting worse and worse. She is starting on towards what I believe to be stage 6 in the illness. She is having trouble dressing herself, it is getting harder for her to get around, she has hallucinations that make her very frightened.

    I was wondering as grandma gets closer and closer to the end of this disease is there anyone here who actually took care of their loved one to the end of the disease? Even after they had lost control of their bodily functions and can't feed or bathe themselves. If so how did you accomplish this and what was it like?
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    Although I have not taken care a family member who has had alzheimers, while working as a nurse, I worked in the alzheimers unit quite frequently.

    My first question is, have you asked your grandmother's doctor about prescribing something for the hallucinations? People with alzheimers have a hard time with reality as it is, and having hallucinations on top it is bound to make things worse.

    My suggestion would be to check into having a personal care aid and/or a nurse come in to help you. Eventhough you want to do what is best for your grandmother, caring for her is physically and emotionally draining on you and your mother.

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    Miwork, if you post your message on the Alzheimer's Message Board, you will get lots of responses. There are many who live and take care of AD patients, and many will share their experience and knowledge with you. I am sorry to read about your grandmother. Her doctor should be able to give her something that can control the hallucinations.

    Best of luck to you.