Carla, about having your teeth pulled just wanted to say

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    You said that you were having to pay extra to be "ORALLY SEDAtED" What is that? I was a Dental Assistant for 15 years and we did what was called IV sedatation and you could talk while you were under and tell us if you were in pain or something was not right.

    Is that the kind you meant? I have taken my pain meds before I have had a tooth pulled and then have the nitrous oxide, & I get thru it pretty well and my pain is not so bad after as long as I follow my pre- extraction instructions.

    3- IF you smoke " DON"T" at all for 2 WEEKS
    4- if you smoke you should stop for at least 2-3 weeks before your surgery so that all you will be able to heal faster.
    5- IF you smoke and don't start back up for at least 2 weeks but a month after would be much better.

    Smokeing can slow down healing and cause dry sockets as will as some kinds of infections. You will need to swish out your mouth the day after you have your surgery and your teeth removed. Pulled sounds so painfull.
    You want to swish gently with warm salt water and don't try to take out the dentures till you fist see your dentist. They are there to stop the bleeding and keep out things that can cause infections. So the swishing with the warm salt water will help keep your mouth from having any bacteria that is hiding there.

    I said don't drink thru a straw and I mean that the sucking a drink through the straw will suck up the blood clots that you want to have stay and protect your nerves as they have now been exposed. And this blood clot helps to keep the pain down and the nerves setteled down and there for your pain is less.

    Besure to follow all of the instructions that your dentist gives you. IF you think that you have the " FLU" coughing , sore throat kind of stuff you may want to cancel this surgery as coughing can pull up the clot as well. And you can have a infection and that is not good. So you may want to wait till your better and even then I would go to the doctor before I went to have my teeth pulled to see if I was infection free.

    Most times after you have had major surgery like having your teeth pulled for dentures you should be given antibitoic's . Just to make sure that you will be fine.
    Don 't stress over it and take a valium before you go in if that is ok with the dentist and the anesthiaist.

    TAke it easy and get some rest.
    HUGS and your going to be fine.
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    Thank you for the info. They gave me 2 valium to take tonight and they will give me a pill at 8 am. I have never heard of the drug and right now I am exhausted from the day.

    It is something like hydr something with a z in in it.

    No IV, the will give me abx tomorrow.

    I appreciate everyone's support, it really does ease my mind.

    It really did set in today when they put the metal trays for the molds in my mouth today.

    I'll will let you know how things went. Thank you all for thinking of me-Carla
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    I'm going thru this shortly please let me know how it goes.

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