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    I noted on the "What's Worked for Me" board that you list "antivirals."

    Which ones? What have your experiences been?

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    Thanks for the response. This is very helpful and very encouraging.

    Singulair is for allergies, it seems. Do you use it for nasal allergies or for other allergies?

    Valtrex (I think that's the American name for the drug you're on) is the first anti-viral you've used, yes?

    My doctor wants me to try Famvir and then, if it doesn't work or has side effects, try Valcyte. I'm still waiting for the prescriptions and meanwhile am working on yeast/digestive health.

    He's also used Amantadine with some success, although that one seems a little weak for real problems.

    Do you have any thoughts about the idea of pulsing between different anti-virals? For instance, taking Valtrex for a while and then switching to Famvir for a while, and then switching back?

    I haven't talked to my doctor about this, but since the drugs seem to need to be pulsed, it seems like it might be a reasonable approach. People seem to do it successfully with herbs for candida infections anyway.

    Very few people seem to have tried the anti-virals yet, but those that have (as long as they've done it under the direction of someone competent and with sufficient knowledge) seem to be having good experiences. I am very encouraged, therefore.

    I will let you/everyone know what happens when I do start the drugs.


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