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    I added a question on the post about Omega 6, which I will repeat here.

    I don't have fibro, and so the ibuprofin and onion don't apply to my case. It's very interesting about the onion, though.


    Yesterday I took about 150 mg of GLA (from Evening Primrose) along with my usual two fish oil capsules.

    Today I have had a huge headache, extreme amount of thirst, diarrhea, and acute sensitivity to noise of all kinds.

    The first two symptoms are unprecedented for me, and the latter two are unusual.

    What do you think is happening?

    ** Too much GLA?
    ** A herx?
    ** An allergy to Evening Primrose?
    ** Something else?

    This almost certainly has to do with the evening primrose, since I did nothing else differently in the past couple of days and don't think I'm coming down with the flu.

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