Carmina Gadelica

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    from the ancient Celts to Gods ear...

    Thou art the joy of all joyous things,
    Thou art the light of the beam of the sun,
    Thou art the door of the chief of hospitality,
    Thou art the surpassing star of guidance,
    Thou art the step of the deer of the hill,
    Thou art the step of the steed of the plain,
    Thou art the grace of the swan of swimming,
    Thou art the loveliness of all lovely desires.

    The lovely likeness of the Lord
    Is in thy pure face,
    The loveliest likeness that
    Was upon earth.

    The best hour of the day be thine,
    The best day of the week be thine,
    The best week of the year be thine,
    The best year in the Son of God's domain be thine.

    Peter has come and Paul has come,
    James has come and John has come,
    Muriel and Mary Virgin have come,
    Uriel the all-beneficent has come,
    Ariel the beauteousness of the young has come,
    Gabriel the seer of the Virgin has come,
    Raphael the prince of the valiant has come,
    And Michael the chief of the hosts has come,
    And Jesus Christ the mild has come,
    And the Spirit of true guidance has come,
    And the King of kings has come on the helm,
    To bestow on thee their affection and their love,
    To bestow on thee their affection and their love.

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