Carol Ann Ryser, MD's clinic in Missouri

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  1. LAMSCer

    LAMSCer New Member

    I am new to the boards and have CFS and MCS for the past 21 years. I've become interested in getting extensive testing for viruses, bacteria, hormone levels, etc. as the research has progressed a lot since I was first diagnosed.

    Has anybody been to Carol Ann Ryser, MD in Kansas City, Missouri. She has a clinic there where she does extensive testing and uses transer factors, IVs and growth hormone replacement, amongst other treatments.

    I am thinking about travelling from Los Angeles to Kansas City to have the initial consultation and blood tests done, and I'd like to know if anybody has any experience or knows of anybody who has been to her clinic before I spend the $1,000+ to go there.

    P.S. If anybody knows where I can get $1,000+ please let me know as I'm broke and unable to work.
  2. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    Bumping for LAMSCer to see if anyone knows where she can $1000 +, inquiring minds want to know. HE-he

    Bump, seriously anyone know of Carol Ann Ryser, MD?
  3. LAMSCer

    LAMSCer New Member

    Anybody? Bueller?
  4. wangotango

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    i see dr joseph brewer in kcmo he is at st lukes hospital and i like him very well. he took 4 hrs with me on my 1st visit he kind of follows the same routine as the doctor you mentioned above. good luck
  5. winsomme

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    here is an old post of mine on Dr Ryser, also i did a search on her name and found one person who sees her.

    her screen name is "sdown". maybe address a post with her screen name in it.

    here is my post:

    i don't know very much about this DR, but i have seen her mentioned in differnet CFS circles and she is the only one that i have seen in the area near Omaha.

    i don't really know how near Kansas City is to Omaha, but i thought i would post her website just in case:

    Health Centers
    of America
    Kansas City, LLC.
    5308 E. 115th St
    Kansas City , MO. 64137
    (816) 763-9165

    again, i don't have any first hand info about this Doc, but maybe someone else on here has seen her.

  6. winsomme

    winsomme New Member

    also have you thought about Dr Chia in Torrance or the FFC in LA?

  7. LAMSCer

    LAMSCer New Member

    ...what is the FFC?[This Message was Edited on 10/31/2006]
  8. victoria

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    easiest way to try to reach someone who has posted here but not been around for a long time is to post to an old post that was started by that person - that way a message will be sent from this site letting them know that someone posted to their old thread. If they have the same email address, they should get it.

    FFC stands for the Fibro and Fatigue Centers, are in many major cities, they also have a website if you google their full name.


  9. LAMSCer

    LAMSCer New Member

    Thanks for telling me about the FFC in L.A. It's actually in Torrance, which is about an hours drive for me. It sounds almost exactly like Dr. Carol Ann Ryser's clinic, just closer. I'd love to go to the FFC clinic in Salt Lake City because Torrance is heavily industrial and very polluted. I've been to Salt Lake City a few times and I feel good there. It's very clean and healthy.

    I'd have to stay in a hotel in Salt Lake City, but I'd love to get out of my parents house and some "away time" to heal. My parents freak out when I do anything that detoxes me. They don't understand healing crises. They think if I'm getting sick (healing crisis or herx) then I'm seeing a quack. And if I stayed in Salt Lake City I'd only have to drive a mile to the FFC clinic as opposed to the hour or more I'd have to spend each way driving from my parent's house to Torrance.

    So now all I need is money to buy a safe car that doesn't trigger my chemical sensitivities, money to pay for treatment and money to find a place to stay while I heal so my parents won't freak out. While not being able to work.


    Guess I'll just keep praying.

    Thanks for all your responses. You guys are great![This Message was Edited on 11/01/2006]
  10. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I read your bio and about the predicament you're in, living with your elderly parents.

    Can you not apply for disability, whether SSI or SSD? At least it would be some money per month plus medicare or medicaid. CFIDS and FM are reasons for disability nowadays, altho the usual wait time is a few years if/when it is on appeal.

    To get it started, go to and fill out the form there first (you can take your time then) and then follow their instructions. You can do a phone interview as opposed to going in, especially good if you don't 'look sick'.


    [This Message was Edited on 11/01/2006]
  11. winsomme

    winsomme New Member

    Dr Chia is an infectious disease Dr in Torrance. i believe he looks for different infections in CFS. i am hoping to see him soon.

    he is not involved with the FFC.

    i think he takes insurance too.

    Dr John Chia

    23560 Crenshaw Blvd., #101
    Torrance, CA 90505
    (310) 784-5880

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