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    Thank you all for responding to me yesterday.I had really hit bottom these last eight weeks.I was going to the gym three days a week,and all of a sudden I could hardly get dressed.I was able to see my pain managment Dr yesterday.He did change my meds from vicoprofen to percocet.Also advised me to see a orthopedic/spine surgeon for a consult,so he could recomend a treatment to my pain doc.,and so he could take a look at my MRI(I see him Monday).After my back is feeling better,he is going to help me to get off some of these meds if possible.I do feel a little better today after taking the percocet through the night.Again I thank you for BEING THERE for me,I will remember you in my prayers.

    I will be going to zoo Friday,even if I have to crawl my way through it!!! :)
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    Please let us know how the trip to the zoo went.

    Blessings & Cheers