carpal tunnel for zenouchy and joannla

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    zenouchy: CorvalenM is a dietary supplement that can be bought online. It costs around 65.00. It is prescribed for fatigue, muscle pain, soreness and stiffness associated with diminished cellular energy.

    I did not take this for the CT. My CFS doctor prescribed it for me on Aug. He gave it to me for my exhaustion.

    Joannla: I had an emg test done in April. It showed that I had moderate to severe Carpal Tunnel. The neuro. I saw for this sent me to an Occupational Therapist for an arm splint and exercise. I did this for three months with no improvement whatsoever. When I went back to the neuro. in July, he told me that since I had not seen any improvement he thought it would be best to have surgery.

    I, then, went to a hand surgeon in Aug. I scheduled my appt. for surgery for Sept. 29. After this appointment, I went to my first FFC appointment in Pittsburgh. The doctor there put me on supplements and one of them was CorvalenM. After about five days of taking this, I noticed a huge improvement in my CT. One month later, it was completely gone.

    Either this is a huge coincidence or one of the supplements I took cured the CT. I have now been about three weeks without any CT symptoms.

    When I returned to my followup appt. at Pittsburgh on Sept. 20th I told my doctor that my CT was gone. He told me that the CorvalenM cured it.

    I can't say 100% that this is what cured it but something sure did. I was four months straight of constant tingling, pain, no sleep from the CT. I never realized how painful Carpal Tunnel is. Hopefully, it is gone forever.


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    Thanks for your post. The board moves so fast, I almost didn't see your message. I had never heard of CorvalenM, so I appreciate you telling me about it. My carpel tunnel is mild, so I just wear a wrist brace at nite to help with it right now. I'm also trying to hand exercises. Hopefully that will be all I need. Thanks again for replying and I'm so glad you don't need surgery! If mine gets worse, I'll DEFINITELY remeber the CorvalenM. WOW, that's impressive!

    All the best, Erika
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    I pray that this works for you. I take mine in milk. It doesn't taste bad this way at all. Kinda like butterscotch.

    It is kinda expensive but if it works it will definitely be worth it.

    It is such a relief not to have to have the surgery. Hopefully, this will be permanent for me. I am so sick of going to doctors!!

    best of luck,