Carpal Tunnel......HELP!

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  1. teawah

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    My arms hurt so bad that I am getting ticked off. What can I do to help it? The doc told me to get some braces, have a scrip, (haven't gotten them yet) but is there anything else that will help the pain?

    If you have got it what do you do?

    thanx, teawah
  2. ozgran

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    I had carpal tunnel which became worse and worse and ended up having to have surgery. They did both wrists at the same time. Just as well my mother was with me at the time as I could do nothing for myself. The surgery certainly eased the pain but it ended my tennis playing (competition). It also affected me with other things which out stress on the wrists, ie knitting. Know this doesn't help you right now, but I have no regrets about the surgery. better than the pain. Love Ozgran.
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    I don`t know as I am a good one to answer this as mine was so severe I had surgery on both wrists at once.I was not able to sleep as my arms would go to sleep and I would have to hang them over the edge of the bed to get the circulation back and Oh!! my the pain was terrific. I tried no other way to help it as I had put it off until I could no longer stand it. With the nerves being trapped in the wrist area I don`t know as there is any other real relief that is permanent except surgery. Maybe some-one else will come along and have another answer for you. Good luck to you!! a nerve pain is one of the worst.
  4. teawah

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    need moe info


    I was seeing an Orthopedic Dr., and he informed me that if I am diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, to which I have an appt. on Monday, March 24, with a Rhuemy, that surgery that will not relieve Carpal Tunnel or the pain that I am experiencing throughout my body.

    Have you been diagnosed with Fibro?

    I was first diagnosed with Carpal and for some unknown reason, my body started to attack me which has caused the additional pain.

  6. lassiecass

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    Hi Teawah,
    I also have really bad pain in arms with carpel in both arms and tennis elbow (don't even play tennis). Here is what I have tried. The accupuncture was not very successful, so she used the heat lamp and that was very soothing. Also try corn or rice bags or socks that you heat in the micro. Rest those arms when its gets really unbearable and try some advil or aleve. Hope this helps.
    Soft Hugs,
    Sandy (Cass)
  7. BethM

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    teawah, see my post "I need advice" or something like that. (It's been a doozy of a day today. No short term memory left to use.) I was diagnosed with CTS and tendonitis in both wrists and thumbs about a year and a half ago. Worker's comp sent me to therapy with a hand specialist. I had exercises to do, and they did IF therapy (like TENS), which helped quite well. I have an IF unit at home that I use nearly daily. Biofreeze, a topical pain relief gel also helps. I know someone mentioned using hot packs, but I do better with ice packs, to decrease the inflammation. I also have a wave (ergonomic) keyboard, and a keyboard tray that pulls out and tilts and moves so I can be comfortable with it. The wave KB makes a huge difference. I can't take anti-inflammatory meds like ibuprofen, so although that would probably help, it's not for me.

    That said, the pain is back, with the numbness in my right thumb and index finger. I can control it up to a point with exercises and rest, but being at work aggravates it daily, all day long. What to do? Not sure, at this point. I am waiting for thyroid test results, as low thyroid is said to be able to cause CTS symptoms. Surgery for me is a last resort, which I hope to be able to avoid. If you find a cure, let me know, ok??? I'd love to be able to garden and crochet and etc etc again.

  8. teawah

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    thanx, for the suggestions. I am in braces right now and I will try the heat. My doc mentioned surgery and I am wonderring whether it is worth it. I have heard horror stories of people being worse off after surgery. Is there anything to those rumors?? How was your experience if you have had surgery.

    Love, teawah
  9. wolflake46

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    I have had surgury 3 times on both wrists for carpal tunnel my nerves were pinched so bad that the release didn't help the first two times. The third time I also had a muscle transferr from my index finger to my thumb as it was so weak. That was 7 years ago. I don't have to much trouble any more with the pain in my wrists and hands but from time to time tightness will set in with my thumbs. Good luck to you. I wore braces on both of my hands at night for a long time before I had surgery but did nothing for the pain

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  10. netangel

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    Hi teawah,
    I am a RN with bilateral carpal tunnel with +2 nerve damage. I have a friend who is a chiropractor who taught me a simple exercise which reduced my symptoms dramatically. Take your hand and bend it forward as far as you can towards your forearm and hold for 5 seconds, then move your hand backwards towards the top of your arm and hold 5 seconds. Do these 2-3 times a day, as much as you can remember and within a month your pain should be reduced or gone.
    Hope this helps
  11. violettekb

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    What helped my most was B complex. Was actually getting shocks in my hands from carpal tunnel. Had one surgery but B complex helped more. They said mine was caused by diabetes, also have FM.
    Hope this helps.
  12. tlc8858

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    Hi, just read your message about carpal tunnel I had the surgery to my left wrist. It never ever really quit hurting. Now that my fm has gotten worse, the wrist that was hurting is getting worse all the time. So you might not want to do the surgery until you get tour fm under control. May just be a waste of money. Hope this helps.