carpal tunnel surgery and brachial neuritis

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by paige51, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. paige51

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    Had carpal tunnel surgery last month. It seems to be doing okay. Still have numbness and pain but overall, things are better for that hand.

    The problem is the left hand. Was diagnosed with brachial neuritis in it. It is the most painful feeling I have ever had. Cannot get anything done until we see how the surgery heals.

    I have suffered since july 2005 with these problems. Changed doctors and within a month, was diagnosed.

    My advice to anyone,if you seem to be at a stand still with your doctor, get a second opinion. It will be well worth it.

    Has anyone or does anyone know anything about brachial neuritis?

  2. mme_curie68

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    The brachial artery runs from the axillary artery (armpit) to the radial and ulnar arteries (just below the elbow). So I guess that makes it possible to have both shoulder and elbow pain that radiates to the wrist/hand.
  3. paige51

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    My brachial neuritis is bilateral. You are right, it is normally on the right side. My doctor explained it to me. Mines is just a rare case.

    Do not know how I got it. There seems to be no specific reason for it. I have had back surgery, carpal tunnel surgery and two bad disks in my neck. how could one girl get so lucky.

    How do you manage yours? I am not saying the back surgery had anything to do with this, but it seems all the other flare ups came after the back surgery.

    I don't think I will ever forgive myself for not changing to a more caring doctor before I did. It makes all the difference in the healing process. it was a very costly lesson.