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    I have just been diagnosed with another one. Severe carpal tunnel. It has been bad for many years, the numbness. Now the pain part has really set in. I order some gloves that have a splint. I have also ordered an ergo keyboard for work. I am a programmer and this is my lively hood. The Dr. said I have neruopathy because of it and atrophy of the muscles between my index finger and thumb. I was wondering if anyone else is dealing with this in addition to FMS or CFDIS and what can you take for it. I heard of taking B6. I already use injectible B12 am going to ask my Dr. to prescribe a B-Complex injectible. Not sure what other supplements might help. He is hesitant at surgery because I have had it so long the damage is probably already done and might now work. Plus I would be layed up for quite a while. He has me lined up for more tests for EMG(something like that) to check for nerve conductivitiy. And that may determine if surgery may help. Near the end of the day at work my right hand goes completely numb and I can't tell what keys I am pressing on the keyboard. Drives me crazy. Computers have been my only career for 22+ years. Don't know what I would do if I could not type. Thanks, Bobby
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    You may be able to get you doc to try Benicar 4 times a day. Benicar is a med for highblood pressure but when used 4 times a day, it greatly reduces inflammation.

    I take the benicar but have had to take a couple of "breaks" from it for different reasons. When I stop, my carpel tunnel comes back with a VENGENCE.

    Hope you are able to find something that helps!

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    I had EMG test and was diagnosed with start of carpal tunnel.
    At work an ergonomic assessment has been done. Have ergonomic keyboard and vertical mouse now, plus foot rest.
    MRI showed I have some compression of nerve, plus a slight bulging of disk in C5-C6 neck vertebrae which is probably where the problem is starting from. Also I get tingling and numbness through elbow.

    Your symptoms are more severe than mine.
    Plus using your hands all day is how you earn your living.
    I will send up a prayer for you.
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    I've dealt with carpal tunnel in both wrists, along with deQuervain's tendinitis (runs from the base of the thumb along the back of the wrist), and trigger fingers for several years. It was all started by a very bad ergonomic computer set up when I started working in this district in 2000.

    in Dec. 2003 I had surgery for all three things in my right hand. the only one that really helped 100% was the trigger finger release. The CTS and the tendinitis were helped maybe 50%. The docs want to do the same thing on my left hand, but I've said no so far. I may let them do the trigger finger release, as the cortisone injections only help for a few months. Maybe in January, I don't know. I am very depressed at the thought of another surgery.

    I am wearing a hand/wrist splint with a thumb spica (support) on my left hand as I type. Makes for some interesting typos. My right thumb is numb, right wrist is aching, and the left wrist is excrutiating if I take the splint off. I've been on the keyboard all day at work.

    I don't know if any of this helps, just know you are not alone. Have you considered a voice activated system for your computer?

    Peace and light and healing,
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    hi, I have had both hands done for carpal tunnel at separate times.
    I have also had upper forarm for Pronators Terres Syndrome
    These are called "double crush" when both arms and hands have the same problem, severe enough that the only relief is hoping surgery with help.
    I wore the steel splints all the time for years, first just at night, sleeping, then everything I did (saddle a horse, to washing dishes) sometimes the pain was so unbearable I was a meanie to loved ones.
    I can only say this.... think......
    "your job, or the use of your hands" ? what's more important in the long run? once the use of your hands are gone, thats it.
    the nerve tests, were very painful to me. if ya never had em before, be ready for needles stuck into your skin, and at times, moved around in the same area. it hurts bad.

    I have nothing good to say about carpal tunnel syn, cause it was a horrible surgery for me, and the second surgery I had to stay longer cause my bp fell from "shock".
    I am wired different then most, so I wish you all the best but the surgery(s) have helped 100 % after all is said and done.
    Best to you.... feel better soon.
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    I was diagnosed with it many years ago then had tests done with I forget (brain fog) electodes etc and found it was coming from my neck poor posture from hairdressing not carpel tunnel at all so had to try standing up straight etc. didn't work though good luck Linda
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    Have you tried acupuncture? I get carpal tunnel flare up occasionally in my left wrist - not nearly as bad as you though. My acupuncturist really helps relieve the pain and has taught me how and where to put two needles "as maintenance" for the times between when I see her. This has really helped me. But not cured. I started off with a series of about 6 treatments over 3 weeks, and then down to one a week. Because she taught me carefully and slowly, I am able to self-treat with confidence. Fortunately since the pain is in my left wrist I am able to put the needles in with my right.

    Also, did you know that sometimes carpel tunnel flare up is associated with fluctuating hormones and that fixing the hormone fluctuations helps the pain? It might be a side-line option to check out. Don't be surprised if the doctor dismisses this out of hand, but I know of one case where there was a link and fixing the fluctuations really helped. Good luck.
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    I have carpal tunnel syn as well in both wrists. Went through a nerve conduction study, electrodes are placed on the hand and wrist. In an EMG, a fine needle is inserted into a muscle; electrical activity viewed on a screen can determine the severity of damage to the median nerve.

    Through the nerve conduction study, I was found to have severe carpal tunnel in the right wrist and moderate to left. I was urged to have surgery and chose not to. Instead, I obtained a wrist brace for wear during the day and a brace with a splint to wear at night. I was supposed to use a brace for each arm but chose to just do the right.

    What I did and do for it:

    Wear a brace all day and at night until the inflammation subsides, about two weeks, it rests the wrists. I only use it if there is inflammation (pain) as there has been discussion regarding the braces not actually helping carpel tunnel because the braces do not allow the muscles to work.

    I continue to take my vitamins (multiple) and simply eat well, etc. as far as nutrition. Good nutrition is important to me. I've heard that B6 helps the symptoms of carpel tunnel. My vitamins have the B6 so I think I'm ok there.

    My chiropractor gave me an exercise tool to use with each hand for strengthening. I did exercises with those for a while, then after stopping the exercise really haven't picked it back up. What I do now while I work is shake out my hands every so often and then repeated squeeze and stretches.

    I use cold if they are swollen and heat to relieve any pain.

    That's about it. Most of the time, right now, they hurt only if I overdo repeated movement. I would rather not have surgery if I can avoid it, I really don't think it's necessary if other remedial options are utilized.

    I haven't had a problem with the carpel tunnel for a stretch of about 4 months now, just every once in a while I can feel it coming on and I'll wear the brace and start the routine!
  9. ellie5320

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    thanks Bobby thats what I had done
  10. alonebutnotlonely

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    I thought I had carpal tunnel also. The nerve conduction tests confirmed it. I had the surgery for carpal tunnel release.

    After the release all hell broke loose. Turned out I had bone spurs in my neck that were pinching my nerve along with herniated discs at c4-5 and c5-6. After I had the discs replaced and the spurs removed ALL PAIN STOPPED.

    Make sure your Doctor knows whet he is doing and that he check your neck for bone spurs.

    After surgery on the neck as soon as I came out from the anesthesia I knew that it worked. No pain, no numbness and my arm just felt so much better.

    Good Luck,
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  11. LittleBluestem

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    So-called carpel tunnel syndrome can also be a result of problems in the shoulder. A good physical therapist would be able to help, it that were the case.
  12. hdbubblehead

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