Carpal Tunnel

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    Anyone out there with Carpal Tunnel also. I have had it a little long than FMS, about 18 years, I had CTS surgery 5 years ago and now it is flaring again, quite a bit. I have been a computer programmer for 25 years so I know that is it. Plus they have me working 70 hours a week - that is no joke, and I'm on salary, plus the project they tell me won't be done for 3-4 years, that's really going to be tough. Bad enough with FMS and CFIDS. I don't know if I can do it. In this economy I hate to say it but I would not mind being layed off for 6 months. I could survive. Plus now I have no other life at all. I don't even have enough energy to do 5 dishes so I have to pay someone to clean and do all my laundry, everything. The most I do is cook, and that is very simple, just chicken breast, rice and veggies, and salmon 2 times a week, breakfast is a protein with tons of fresh fruit with rice milk in a blender so that's pretty healthy. So I'm doing ok there. But now with the carpal acting up. I am going to talk to my Dr. next time, I know he will want to do surgery to remove the scar tissue with would give me another 4-5 years, but maybe I can get a month or two off. I am starting to knock things over again because the numbness in my hands. And I know it's the carpal again, I never gain my strength back in my hands, I still can barely write on check before the muscles in my hand start burning. Any suggestions?

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