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    I'm 21 and the rectal and vaginal spasms started in August 2002. It was a sudden onset. There after my FM symptoms really started to 'show'. I have 24/7 pain and it never gets better. Not even applying warmth helps.

    I went to numerous specialists and followed numerous treatments.

    I used almost every anti-inflammatory medicine on the market. Over 20.

    I used anti-depressants like Trepiline, Tofranol, Cilift and Cymbalta. None helped. It only made the spasms even worse.

    I also used Adalat, Catapress and Tegretol. Again it made my pain worse.

    I also used muscle relaxers: Robaxin, Lioresal, Spasmend, Buscopan, Bevispas, Librax, norflex etc.

    Botox was injected twice intra-vaginally into the triggerpoints. It didn't help.

    Last year I had 4 pudendal nerve decompression surgeries. It worsened the pain.

    This year a I used a combination of very high doses of Tegretol 600mg a day , Pur-Bloka 60mg a day and Trepiline 20 mg a day. Only AGAIN made the pain worse.

    Lignocaine and DepoMedrol was injected intra-vaginally over 25 times into the triggerpoints. It helps but is not permanent and hurts too much to do it often!

    The pain is a spastic pain and sometimes accompanied with a sharp stabbing pain.

    I've considered biofeed back but the physical therapists in South Africa are not trained to work on a tense/spastic pelvic floor. Only trained to work with weak pelvic floor muscles. So thats not an option.

    FM symptoms: Chronic fatigue, muscle aches, several TP's, low back pain, chemical sensitivities, insomnia and then the vaginal and recatal triggerpoints.

    I use Valoron 50mg 4 times a day. DicloHexal 50mg T one twice a day. Dormanoct at night to sleep. USN Multivite one a day. Caltrate Plus two a day.

    Yes, I used magnesium for a very long time. Didn't help either.


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    I am suffering from similar pain and I live in Johannesburg South Africa. Please can you let me know who gave you botox in the vagina as my gyne recommended that I do that to but she does not know of anyone who offers the service.&lt;BR&gt;
    Thank you!!! &lt;BR&gt;
    My email is (e-mail address removed by moderator)

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