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    Does anyone drink this? Has it helped? And is there anything you can put in it so it doesn't taste to so bad? Its weird but after I drink the carrot juice I feel a little better, but its darn expensive and makes me feel like puking because it tastes so bad. Between drinking that and the herbs...wowsers!
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    Carrots are very starchy veggies and are concentrated in juice. This can trigger an insulin spike. Many of us are hypoglycemic and should avoid anything which spikes the insulin.

    Love, Mikie
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    I drink Carrot Juice and quite a bit of it, but I also follow a 75% raw fruit and vegtable diet to help and eat very little meat. All the information I have read regarding Juicing is very good and I have had an uncle who had terminal colon cancer who drank 4 glasses a day along with a total vegatarian diet and is cancer free. He now only drinks 1 glass a day. I have two Fibro friends who juice and drink 2 glasses a day and they feel better. It helps your body to get into a more alkaline state instead of acidic. I say, if it helps you, keep doing it. I only use Bunny luv carrots that are organic. They taste better and I throw in an apple or pear for added flavor. It is definetely an "acquired" taste. I think this is another one of those things that you have to do it all in order for it to work. Start following a juicing diet and you will see results.. I stopped doing it for about 3 weeks and wondered why I was feeling bad again. It is expensive but It helps and is the only way that has really helped me. Just hard to stay consistant with it.
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    I guess you can put me on the list that favors juicing as I have seen great progress in juicing. I do have hypoglycemia
    but the juicing doesn't hamper it instead it helps me not to have the problem with my blood sugar. If you get a good book on juicing, it will not only give you recipes for good tasting juices, but also gives you what you need to juice together for different health issues. I get a zillion readily available vit's(even with my impaired ability to absorb) plus I drink certain juices to encourage my pancreas to do the right job, helps boost my immune system,
    others that help with IBS, etc. The list is really endless,
    but I always do my own juicing as buying the juice at the store is futile for my purposes, as it has been processed and much of the enzymes have been distroyed plus too many other things added to it. I feel much better than I did
    before juicing and now need less med's to feel like a member of the living. love, Rebel
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    If you have your own juicer just add an apple it really helps. When carrots are fresh and young they are sweet and lovely tasting, as they get older they can taste bitter and yucky. If you do decide to purchase a juicer don't waste your money on $50 juicers.They can't handle the work load and you continually have to stop them and clean them out and let them cool down because carrots are hard work on the machine. Pay for the best you can and save time and your precious energy. Believe me you'll be more apt to juice period. I guess I strayed from the topic but hope it will help others who may be considering the process! Good luck.
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    Since being on the SomerSize diet, I haven't used it. Lots of fruit and starchy veggies are not part of the diet.

    I used to juice apples with the carrots and added some parsley and just a tad of beets. Beets are high glycemic, but I didn't know about the carb deal at the time. Raw beets are a natural liver cleanser. It does give the juice a very earthy flavor.

    Whatever works for us is what we should do.

    Love, Mikie
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    The only thing higher on the glycemic index than carrots is glucose itself.
    When I used to eat carbs I had IBS with diarreha all the time. Drinking even one glass of fresh carrot juice daily gave me liquid diarreha constantly.
    Within two weeks of going low carb, my IBS disappeared completely and my formerly bloated tummy collapsed. I have not had diarreha once since then.
    I don't think healthy diets are one size fits all though...I believe the best diet for you is the one your ancestors ate. If you are doing better with juicing that's great, but I hope you are using one of the juicers that uses the fiber too, since that is important. I also hope if you have hypoglycemia you are at least balancing the juice with some protein eaten at the same time.
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