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    Has anybody heard of carrots having a negatice effect on FMS? The reason I'm asking is I had ordered, for my wife things you may and may not eat with FMS. Carrots were on the NO list. She just had me cook some carrots for her last night. I did not think anything of it till this morning.


  2. WifeHasFMS

    WifeHasFMS New Member

    Has anybody heard of carrots having a negatice effect on FMS? The reason I'm asking is I had ordered, for my wife things you may and may not eat with FMS. Carrots were on the NO list. She just had me cook some carrots for her last night. I did not think anything of it till this morning.


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    i just read a post the other day about how wonderful carrot juice was for cfs which is almost always present with fibro right??? dont know but do know there are carrot people on thsi board.

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    There recently was a posting about carrots if you want to look back through the older messages. (Hit NEXT at the bottom of the message board.) It sounded like the people taking carrot juice were doing so because they were trying to lower the ph levels of their bodies (make them less acidic).
    The only reason I can think of why carrot juice might be a no no to some is if the person is on a low sugar diet for hypoglycemia designed to keep bloodsugar levels low. Carrots can elevate the blood sugar level.
    Carrots are very healthy and I wouldn't totally exclude them from my diet although I might forego them for awhile if I was on a special diet and then try adding them back to see if they make a difference. If you have diabetes you may want to consult a doctor.
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    When this first started with me and I had NO CLUE that my diet was a big part of my symptoms (pain, major fatigue and major headaches). The other day I tried eating the brand name Leseur carrots fromt the can and I payed dearly for it. Major fatigue and body pain with this awful headache that had severe odd pain. So since I found this out I don't eat carrots, PEAS, ANY VEGGIE W/ SUGAR, bacon is laced w/ dextrose, don't eat anything that ends with "ose" because that means sugar and sugar is way bad for FIBRO people. Also toss the carbs and starches and caffeine. When I ate 4 bites of mashed potatoes it does the same thing that carrots do but add chest skin pain and aching. No pasta, noodles rice or anything. You really pay hard when you eat this stuff. Basically I eat sugarless peanut butter sandwiches, sith "SPELT" bread (get it at the whole food store just ask the workers at the store about SPELT bread) and I eat eggs scrambled in the a.m., and I eat tuna sandwiches, chicken, some fish, only green beans and tomatoes. Some pizza but w/ wheat crust. You have to moderate you diet like this due to SUGAR. No burgers with white cread buns. Try to toss all the stuff I mentioned and see what happens. Good Luck!! Pamela
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    on this board: Proper diet is such an individual thing.

    I agree with much of what Pamela says, but while all of it is true for her, carrots are just fine for me. I don't eat them in quantity because of my low-carb, hypoglycemic diet, but I do shred a small one into my salad most days.

    It takes some effort to sort out which foods cause or exacerbate an individual's symptoms, but the result is certainly worth it.

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    I just toss a bag of sliced almonds in the food processor,and instant almond butter. Yum.
    Just a general comment, as I am fighting with this food thing also. I wonder how much deprivation a person can endure before life ceases to be worth living? I can't work, can't go out much, can only drive for 15 mins. at a time, have to do simple chores in awful pain and a state of exhaustion, make myself exercise in pain, and take tons of expensive supplements and severly restrict my diet to the point that we can't have people over to eat or go out to eat without my going hungry. At what point do I decide that a longer life is not worth the cost? Personally, I think I am about at that point, or maybe even past it.
    Fed up,
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    I hear ya! That's why I decided to use the Suzanne Somers diet instead of the more restrictive Atkins. On the first level, it doesn't allow much, but the second level has wonderful desserts.

    I think company would love a dinner salad, roast, and mixed veggies. If you feel you must absolutely have rice or potatoes, cook some brown or wild rice; it's delicious. Then to top it off, one of the Somersize yummy desserts. I figure even on the first level, you could have a dessert once in a while.

    BTW, since being on the more restrictive first level, my B/P has dropped significantly. I have a cuff at home and check it often. All bloating is gone and I no longer look pregnant. Did I tell you what I had the other night for dinner? Boneless, skinless chicken breasts with provalone cheese on top and smothered in tomato sauce and homemade pesto sauce. It was delicious. It was all I wanted and felt fully satisfied.

    Love, Mikie
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    I can't answer your question, but I know you're smart enough not to expect an answer. If ever an issue was completely individualized, it's that one. I do understand some of your frustration--you have a <b>lot</b> of health issues to deal with.

    I'm responding first of all because you asked (in the high-protein thread), and secondly because I was discussing a variation on this philosophical question earlier today, regarding patients with Alzheimer's. I wondered why in God's name people with late-stage Alzheimer's are kept on special diets for heart disease or whatever. When there is virtually no decent quality of life left, shouldn't we at least give them something good to eat??

    When my father was dying of prostate cancer (at age 90), I told the doctor he'd been on a low-saturated fat diet for 50 years. "For heaven's sake," the doctor said, "give the man some ice cream!"


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    Wife Has FMS - I never answered your question which was very rude since I invaded your post. I think carrots are wonderful. Raw ones are not very well digested, but have great fiber. Just don't overdo, due to the sugar, but I can think of lots of worse things to eat if you crave a sweet taste. What's Up Doc?
    Suze - I agree with what you said, and so does my Cardiologist. He told me last time I saw him not to restrict my diet any further. However, he was counting on my being able to take the "new" drug he gave me, and now I am stuck with over $200 worth of a drug that my tummy will not tolerate. I don't want to die before hubby can retire and we can move to the country where we belong. I don't want the last sound I hear on this earth to be someone yelling at their spouse, or traffic noise, or a boombox blasting rap so loud my windows buzz. That is why I will try this diet thing yet again before giving up.
    Mikie- sounds wonderful, and I did a diet somewhat like that for two yrs. once and took off 46 lbs. However, I have already tried it this time and took off nada. For some reason, it is much harder to lose now than it was 12yrs. ago...must be post menopausal stuff. Yes, before you ask,my thyroid is right down the middle of the normal range. I will get the Summers book from the library and look at it though, since you are having such luck with it.
    About your BP ...doesn't it go up and down anyway since you got FMS? Mine sure does. In the docs office the other day it was 150/94 and this morning it was 116/78. If I get mad it will shoot up as high as 200/110 before I even have time to think the words "yoga breathing techniques". The dysautonomia is the cause of this according to my Rheumy, so it seems like I should not be the only one with the problem???
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    question to the lady avoiding peas starches carrots for fms pain. What is wrong with peas?? I eat an ayuvedic dish
    celery and carrots sauteed in turmeric feneel coarraineder then pu them in yellow split pease or green split peas (from healthy food store) delcious, also if your gong to restrict carrots i beleive on andrew weils gyc. index parnsips are highter than carrots and i luv them,

    i'm 40 lbs. underwght. having same restrictive dilmena klutzo andi talk about with each other, i was dropping low on blood sugar in 5th hrs. on GTT,

    i fight the biginng on ice cream cool whip a lot,

    but wha'ts wrong wtih the above dish peas, several months ago macrobiotic nut. stayted a wk. with me, they say balance is key, who really knows anyk imput welcome PM in KY
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    I have never heard anyone say that certain foods are a no-no for FMS. It's true that some foods are not good for some people, but that is an individual thing. I have hypoglycemia and have to watch what I eat. But my doctors have never said I shouldn't eat this or that. Common sense rules.

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    for informing me about carrots.


    There's no reason for appology. I've done the same while chatting. You need a question answered while llooking at another. You must post it then or you'll forget it. Thanks for your response.