carrying on after so many years...

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by hottea, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. hottea

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    I am guessing that most of you have already survived/endured many long years of CFIDS/FM, to only recently have learned that you also have Lyme, and are beginning the Lyme "journey"....

    But. It is so so hard to be STARTING lyme treatment from such a place of utter depletion wade through all the info. to even fathom years of even more hardship from herxing, figuring it all out, etc etc....

    I'lll keep going and I know it will get clearer, especially once i start to feel even a smidgeon better...

    but, I am awed by what we all endure and survive..

  2. mollystwin

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    Isn't it amazing what we endure with this DD!!!

    Hang in there. Better days are to come.

  3. munch1958

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    After learning my FM and CFS were triggered by Lyme my brain was mentally cooked. I am feeling much better now.

    Lyme can really mess with your hormones! Some of my symptoms overlap so it's hard to tell what is what!

    This website agrees with my LLMDs treatment. The top 3 treatments are Abx, hormones and heparin. I think it should be 4 including Diflucan & Nystatin. Just my opinion, FWIW.

    To top things off, the IBS & GERD that I had for 25 years cleared up on yeast and Abx! Go figure! All the $$$$ I spent on the "Purple Pill" which never fixed the problem.

    For weeks, I was working on a thread (complete with links) about the differences between Lyme, ME/CFS & FM and how to tell the differences. After figuring out there is NO difference I gave it up.

    This article convinced me my topic was a bust: