Carrying your script bottles while driving during Holidays

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shelby319, Dec 31, 2006.

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    I just wanted to mention my little dilemma of driving just to the grocery store today to pick up a few items for New Years dinner and got pulled over after some senior citizen hit me!! Not fun!!!

    As the police took all our information down and noticed my pocketbook had fallen on the floor of the car, you could see a bottle of meds hanging out. Well, not really to my amazement, but a little surprised to say the least, seeing it wasn't my fault for the accident, that he asked to see the bottle!!!

    Thank God it was my hydrocodone with my name on it and how many times to take during the day, etc. He did ask me if I felt I was impaired at all, although once again he knew the accident wasn't my fault. But I told him I hadn't taken anything since the morning dosage of another pain medication and I felt completely in control of my driving.

    He did ask a few questions about my condition and why I had the medication, but he was sorry for having to ask all these questions, but they do check to see if people are impaired from drinking or whatever else this time of the year because of the Holidays.

    These are called "point checks", where they can just pull you over without any reason in my state, and its legal for them to do so. Only for our protection too and I appreciate that they are watching out for people who are drinking and driving.

    So, just as a reminder, please always carry any medication you might have to take in the original bottle with you while out driving, to make sure it does have your name and information on the bottle or you could be in alot of trouble and even arrested for carrying a controlled substance without a valid script with you.

    It sure saved me from some embarrassing momments and time well saved!! Oh, and I wasn't hurt either, just my poor car, but that can be fixed!!

    Happy New Year to all,
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    So glad you weren't hurt and sorry about you car but as you said it can be fixed.

    Yes medication should always be carried in it original bottle with label for this and the fact that if I am not mistaken it's the law -- seem like I looked it up once and posted on here a long time ago just can't remember.

    At all times not just holiday seasons :)

    Anyway have a safe and happy New Year,

    Karen :)
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