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    OUCH!!! It was a little painfull when he took out the stitches. I am so glad to be able to scratch my arm where it itches. I will have to go to therapy because I cannot stretch my arm out.

    This is the first surgery cut on my body. It is terrible. It is an 8" cut when it could have been only 2" if my X-Neuro had told me I had a Nerve Lesion. It looks awful. My daughter told me that there is a lotion which will help this scar not look so badly. I wonder if it would help me to feel better if I went to my x-Neuro's office and just slapped his face. Take care.
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    I know vitamin E is supposed to help heal wounds and reduce scarring.
    Open up a vit E or wheatgerm oil capsule and use the oil.

    I'm sure you'd feel better if you could slap your x-neuro (I'd want to do more than slap him!)--- until you ended up in court for assault!

    Oh well fantasizing about it will have to do I guess?

    hope you heal up well,