Cat farts

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Didoe, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. Didoe

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    I have 2 cats.
    The first is a complete gentleman, very clean, finicky, very large (15 lbs) very fluffy, actually very dignified.

    Then the 2nd one is like Jimmy Cagney; short, scrappy, no manners or etiquette; if he smells food (notably chicken) he's in your face even if in a dead sleep, he'll stand there weaving, w/eyes half shut waiting for a dish...of whatever YOU're eating. He poops and hopes it lands in the litter box--Mr. Boo has tried supervising, I've also gently shifted him, he usually makes it but sometimes I come home and find poop stuck to the bathroom wall...huh?
    I'm beginning to think he's 'a penny short of a pound' as they say across the pond.

    Shortie is on a special diet that is mostly grain free because it seems to calm his stomach. I'm going thru 8 bags of litter per month because despite daily cleanings, I have to completely change teh litter every week.

    I could deal with all this except for one thing, Shortie farts. He never seems to be aware of it, or he IS aware of it like someone next to you on the train and he blows out a silent fart and then stares up at the ceiling pretending nothing happened. He's pulled this stunt on Mr. Boo, who didnt appreciate it and whacked him on the head and chased him out of the living room.

    Unfortunately at 11pm when I'm about to pass out to sleep and he jumps on the bed and does this, I'm too tired and he's purring too hard trying to cuddle up.
  2. Juloo

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    It's the picture you paint -- little Shortie, staring innocently at the ceiling!

    Our cat is 14, and a bit of a little old lady grump. But she's started doing this as she's sleeping. And she likes to sleep on our bed. My husband and I will be talking, then you'd see us both make faces and look accusingly at our little kitty who is sleeping 'innocently' between us.
  3. stinker56

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    I love this post!!!

    A new kitty has come to our we need another one.

    She is so cute with a rust colored nose and striped like a lion.

    I was sitting on my porch in the swing when this little doll jumped up in my lap. Me being the sap I am for cats, let the little one bed down in my lap. She was just purring and so happy when all of a sudden, the worst smell happened. At first I thought it was something in the air but then it happened again and I realized it was the kitten farting. She just looked so innocent.

    I didn't see her for a day or two but when she came back, the same thing happened again. She got in my lap while I sat in the swing and once again, she farted. I guess some cats like some people just have excess gas. Like they say, more room out than in.

    You just have to love them anyway.

  4. TwoCatDoctors

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    This thread reminds me of the movie "Date Movie" and the scene of the cat using the bathroom--here it is below:
  5. Janalynn

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    I am laughing so hard - don't ask me why- but this just struck me as funny as hell.
  6. GreenOnions

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    farts too. He's addicted to Root Beer, and whenever he drinks it, he burps and farts.
  7. Didoe

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    I threw together a sauce tonight that had red chili pepper sauce in it--super hot. I used like a 1/4 tsp and had it on the table next to 'chicken'--shortie is like that dog in the commercial who smells 'bacon, bacon ,bacon' and he's running all over towards the kitchen because of BACON!!! and find his owner standing there like a moron with a bag of BegginStrips....I had made breaded chicken strips and fearlessly put my dinner on the table determined to eat in peace.

    shortie ran after me, jumped from the couch and flew 2 feet throwing himself onto the dining table...not unlike the time he dashed into the bathroom and I was cleaning the toilet bowl and had the lid up, he took a dive and had to be fished out, because he was still so small. He lands on the table and without hesitating lapped at the bowl of sauce before I could grab it--as fast as he licked it, he flew right off the table and tried swallowing and spitting at the same time, not sure which to do to get the taste out of his mouth.

    dinner proceeded quietly.
    mind you, he does this after finishing his own dinner and anything he finds intersting left in Mr. Boo's bowl. I never eat without feeding them first and cleaning their litter box.
    Despite Mr. Boo being double Bootie's weight, he eats half the food...I dont know how this is possible.